Linux 2.6.x patches


Linux kernel distributions and their OS release level.  Each Linux Distribution ships with the latest OS kernel at the time of release. This results in different distributions requiring different patches, depending on the version of the OS included in their distribution.


Please refer to the list below to determine the patch file you will need to download for your Linux Distribution.

RedHat Fedora Core 2:   rio-sx-io8-rhfc2.patch

RedHat Fedora Core 3:   rio-sx-io8-rhfc3.patch

Suse 9.1                             rio-sx-io8-suse9.1.patch

Suse 9.2                             rio-sx-io8-suse9.2.patch


As well there are patches available for the following vanilla kernel versions:

kernel 2.6.4:    rio-sx-io8-2.6.4.patch

kernel 2.6.5:    rio-sx-io8-2.6.5.patch

kernel 2.6.9:    rio-sx-io8-2.6.9.patch