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Perle 833IS Remote Access Server Release 7.0

Version 7.00 of the 833IS Manager presents an option during the installation process, that, if selected, will result in an incorrect configuration being created. The next release of the 833IS Manager will address this issue. If you have been unable to get the 833IS operational, please follow the following instructions.

Step 1 – Return the 833IS to Factory Default mode from the front panel.

Factory Default is the state that the unit is shipped from the factory, before any configuration is done. If, after power up, the front panel displays "No Manager" or "Manager", then your unit is in Factory Default mode. Otherwise, follow this procedure:

  1. Power up the unit.
  2. When the unit is ready (Server Name or "Perle 833IS" is displayed on the front panel), press the front panel right arrow.
  3. "Control" will be displayed. Press the front panel down key until the front panel displays "System Reset – Default".
  4. Press the front panel Enter key. The display will change to "System Reset – Default Confirm".
  5. Press the Enter key. The 833IS is now in Factory Mode, and will automatically reboot.

Please refer to "Appendix 1 – Menu Descriptions and Maps" in the User Manual for more information.

Step 2 – Set up and verify the 833IS LAN connection as described in "Chapter 3: Setting Up and Installing".

Step 3 – Connect with the Perle 833IS Manager and download the Firmware.

Follow the steps as described in "Chapter 4: Using the Perle 833IS Manager".

When the firmware download is complete, you will presented with a dialog box, "Perle 833IS Firmware upgrade complete". Click "OK".

The Reset Server dialog box will display – "You will be disconnected from the Perle 833IS. All user(s) connected to the server will be also disconnected. Continue?". Click "Cancel". Do not power down the 833IS. The Manager will still be connected to the 833IS.

Step 4 – Create the configuration.

The process described above also creates a small configuration file in the 833IS. This configuration is required for 833IS operation before a user configuration is created. V7.00 Manager gives the opportunity to upload this configuration. This configuration must not be uploaded to the 833IS Manager, as it uses different defaults than the Manager.

On the Manager Toolbar, click "New" to create the new configuration.

A Warning message dialog box will display – "You have already configured this Server. Do you wish to create a new configuration from this Server from defaults?". Click "OK".

The configuration screen will be displayed. Configure the 833IS as described in Chapters 5 – 9 of the 833IS User Guide. The most common problems that we have seen encountered during configuration are:

The default has been accepted for the BRI Network protocol, and this default does not match the Network Protocol. From the main configuration screen, select the BRI interface and click "Edit". Verify that the Network Protocol is correct.

If IP was used using initial setup, an IP address would have been configured via the front panel. This IP address must also be set in the configuration via the Manager. Otherwise, when the configuration is downloaded, the IP address will be lost.

All dial in IP devices that dial into the WAN appear as if they are on their own IP network. This network is referred within the Manager as the "Internal WAN Network". If this is not configured correctly, the dial in client may attach, but some or all of the devices may be unable to surf. Please refer to the section "WAN Network Address" in "Chapter 7: Configuring the Protocols" for information.

Step 5 – Download the configuration.

From the Configuration menu, select "Download Configuration".

The "Select Download Options" dialog will appear, with the "Entire Configuration" radio button active. Click "Download".

When the download is complete, the Reset dialog box will appear. Click "Reset". The 833IS will restart.

Configuration is complete.