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If you are upgrading to this release from Release 5.61 or earlier, you will have to change your IP configuration in the 833IS. Releases 5.61 and earlier made the Dial in clients appear as if they were connected directly to the LAN, and the clients were assigned IP addresses from the LAN address space.

For releases after 5.61, the 833IS looks like a router between two networks. The first network is comprised of the devices on the LAN. The second network, referred to as the "Internal WAN network", is comprised of all IP clients and routers that are dialed into the WAN ports. Setting up a basic 833IS IP configuration requires the following:

Defining the network on the LAN side, and defining the address of the LAN router port.

Defining the network on the WAN side, and defining the address of the WAN router port. Note that all clients dialed into the WAN see the same address for this WAN router port.

Configuration details for this are contained in the readme file included in this release. Additional information is available from the online help facility of the 833IS Manager.

This upgrade must be performed from a LAN attached PC. Do not attempt this upgrade from a Dial in PC. To upgrade to this release:

Pre-upgrade steps.

1.Install the Release 6.0 software into a new directory on the PC.

2.Use the Manager to connect to the 833IS.

3.Upload the configuration from the 833IS and save it on a file on the PC.

4.If the 833IS is using a configured IP address, get the Server IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway (if applicable) from the IP profile screen in the Manager.

Upgrade Steps.

1.The next step will reset the box to the same state as it was originally shipped (Reset to Default). The default "Perle 833IS" screen can be reached at any time by pressing the [ESC] key multiple times.

2.From the "Perle 833IS" default display, press the [Right] for the "Control" section. Press the [Down] three times to access the "System Reset - Default" parameter and press [Enter] to select. Press [Enter] again to confirm resetting the System.

3.Power the unit off, then on.

4.If you are using a configured IP address, you will have to reenter information via the front panel. If you are using an address server for this address, go to step 11.

5.Start from the "Perle 833IS" default display.

6.Press [Down] The "IP Address" display will appear.

7.Press [Enter] to go into edit mode. Use [Left] and [Right] keys to select the digit to change, and use [Up] and [Down] keys to change the digit. When complete, press [Enter] to accept the new address and exit Edit mode. If you wish to discard your changes, press [Esc].

8.Press [Down]. The "IP Subnet Mask" display will appear. Enter the IP subnet mask. When complete, press [Enter] to accept.

9.Press [Down]. The "IP Router Addr" display will appear. Enter the Default Gateway IP address if one was configured. When complete, press [Enter] to accept

10.Press [Down]. If you have a Token Ring Feature Card installed, the "Token Speed" display will appear. Set the value to match your Token Ring LAN speed (4 or 16 Mbps). When complete, press [Enter] to accept

11.If you are using an IP address server, determine the MAC address of the 833IS. Press the [Up] key until you see the "Manager Setup" display. Press [Right]. The "Status" display will appear. Press [Down]. The MAC address display will appear. Provide the address on this display to your IP Network Administrator.

12.Power the unit off, then on.

13.Use the Manager to connect to the 833IS.

14.Download the new firmware and reset the 833IS.

Post-upgrade Steps.

1.Open the configuration file and modify it to use the new IP addressing scheme. Please view the readme file for details.

2.Connect with the Manager and download the updated configuration file.

3.Reset the unit. The 833IS is now fully operational.