CCS installs Perle Surge Protectors to Prevent System Outages

Cypress Christian School aims to end ports frying from lightning and other power surges.

Everything is bigger in Texas be it steaks, hats, oil production, boots, summer sizzling temperatures and even power surges. The climate in Texas is extreme. Summers are long and hot and the storms that hit the state throughout the year are fierce.

Every year Texas uses more electricity than any other state. The predicted electricity usage in the summer months is around 73,000 Megawatts. Power surges from grid overload or storms are common and have potentially devastating effects on electrical equipment. Voltage spikes cause an arc of electrical current within devices. The heat generated in the arc damages the circuit boards and other components.

Todd Elgie, Director of Technology at Cypress Christian School in Houston, recently installed Perle Surge Protectors to safeguard the school’s phone system and firewall from frequent outages.

Elgie explains, The requirement came about as lightning and other electrical surges kept frying the ports of some of our equipment. The part of Houston we are in has some pretty old infrastructure. Yesterday, for instance, we had two brownout surges because everyone is cranking their air-conditioning up as it is about 100 degrees out there.

The two outward facing lines suffering repeated failures were the school’s phone system and firewall router. Phone communication is crucial for the school, and with the firewall down, the Internet is inaccessible. With so many services being cloud-based this significantly disrupts business. To prevent this from happening, Elgie researched what he could do to protect the ports that were being repeatedly outed.

Says Elgie, Where the phone system goes from our device to the phone T1 handoff, and our firewall to the Internet circuit, the ports were being singed. We installed Perle Surge Protectors just last week. So far so good. We had two surges yesterday and all our stuff stayed up.

The Cypress School circuit: From the Internet to a Surge Protection Device to the Firewall to the School Network, then to the Phone System PBX to another Surge Protection Device to a Phone T1 handoff.

About Cypress Christian School

Cypress Christian School is an accredited K-12 independent, non-denominational, college-preparatory Christian school founded in 1978. The school is located in northwest Houston at 11123 Cypress N. Houston Rd., Houston, TX 77065.

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