The Military enhances communications in command and control situations

The Scenario - A developer of custom data capture and analysis solutions (mobile and fixed applications) for various command and control situations

The Challenge

OEM suppliers are continually challenged to deliver customized solutions that are specifically tailored to the unique requirements of their end users. For those who specialize in specific and/or highly demanding vertical sectors, the need for adaptable and flexible technology is critical to the successful delivery of products and services.

For example, surveillance and other security-related activities require a variety of equipment to perform a diverse range of data capture, sharing and analysis functions. OEM developers of these platforms require systems that can seamlessly integrate with disparate control capabilities, to allow for such critical features as intuitive displays, immediate access and user friendly functionality.

For government and military applications especially, these platforms are often deployed in a mobile setting, which requires the integration of multiple, modular systems that must be ruggedized to meet the often rigorous and demanding environmental conditions in which they operate. In addition, these systems must be transportable and operational in airborne, waterborne and ground vehicle platforms.

A significant number of detection and data capture devices in use in the field today rely on serial-based interfaces to communicate with the various systems within a vehicle or room. In many cases, space constraints require that equipment be compact to improve overall flexibility for operators in the field.

A key attribute that is essential to the success of any device is the configurability of EIA/RS-232 and EIA/RS-422 serial interfaces. This provides users with the flexibility needed to operate multiple devices in the field and facilitate communications between them.

A major OEM supplying a military client base contacted Perle to provide a configurable, transportable, integrated system that can communicate with multiple serial-based devices in a mobile setting. The solution had to be cost effective and ensure compatibility with existing and emerging technologies while providing “plug and play” connectivity on deployment.

The Solution

Perle worked closely with the customer in order to fully understand their sensitive and operationally-driven business. We developed a customized solution using Perle’s IOLAN+ 4 and 8 port Terminal Servers to meet the unique requirements of the customer’s critical field mission product offerings that include disaster management, homeland security, combat/conflict situations and many other purposes where networked peripheral devices are required in the field.

Perle’s IOLAN+ Terminal Servers are an ideal choice for meeting the demands of embedded OEM applications for mission critical applications. This versatile serial-to-IP technology is designed to excel in both terminal server and remote access applications, providing highly secure and robust “plug and play” connectivity for distributed Windows, Linux and UNIX environments.

The Results

Perle exceeded the mandate. All interoperability, reliability and scalability standards were met or surpassed. The end result is a sophisticated cost-effective tactical communications solution/product line.


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