CBK Engineering use Perle I/O Device Servers & Ethernet Switches to Develop Plug & Play Remote Alarm Multiplexers

Final solution allows Electrical Engineers to simply plug in a fiber cable and forget about it

In situations where power outages or fluctuations are common, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems provide backup power circuitry to keep vital services operational. A UPS maintains constant power to keep loads running and, if an electrical failure occurs, activates reserve power.

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An electrical contractor in New York City approached CBK Engineering to design a system where, in the case of a power outage, a UPS would kick-in to provide continued operation to various building facilities. The tricky part was that the contractor required a flexible solution that would be plug and play in multiple scenarios.

Joe Woods, specifying Engineer at CBK Engineering, needed to create a closed network where Digital I/O Alarm closures would be mirrored to a master location as far as 5000ft away. These alarms would trigger the UPS to take over and supply power.

The key to this design was to keep the final solution as easy to install as possible. To many people, terminology like ‘digital extension’ and ‘fiber connectivity’ means complicated and expensive. This is not necessarily the case.

— Joe Woods Engineer at CBK Engineering

By sourcing Digital I/O Device Servers from Perle, alarm sensors could be easily connected and contact closures would be mirrored and transmitted over Ethernet. Since the master location would be up to 5000ft away, a Fiber network would be installed. This required Joe to find a way to convert the Ethernet output from the I/O Device Servers to Fiber. Perle IDS-108F Industrial Ethernet Switches provided this connectivity and the multiple Ethernet and fiber ports allowed for flexible installation of the final solution into multiple environments.

Device Servers and ethernet switch diagram

The final product contained the alarms, I/O Device Servers and Industrial Ethernet Switches. Each had its operation pre-configured so that the Electrical Engineer could simply plug in the fiber cable and forget about it. These Remote Alarm Multiplexers have been installed throughout the Rockefeller Center, Two World Financial Center and the Pepsi Building to monitor UPS, HVAC and other environmental systems.


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