Fas Agro install Perle Ethernet Extenders to Connect Multiple Manufacturing Plants

Ethernet Extenders bridge copper distance limitations beyond 328ft.

Founded in 1989, Fas Agro is a Nigerian manufacturer of polypropylene packaging. They started out as a small factory and grew organically. Additional manufacturing space was acquired as they expanded. Presently, the company consists of 6 manufacturing sites, all within a total area of approximately 2 square kilometres making them the main supplier of woven packaging in Nigeria.

The way the company has grown, by slow expansion, meant that we have ended up with manufacturing zones spread across the local area as opposed to one large manufacturing plant, Internal reporting of production data and communication was being carried out manually on paper or via the telephone. We needed better communication and for the whole company to be on an IP network. Because of the nature of the dispersed manufacturing zones, it looked as though we would need to install a fiber optic network. This was a financial outlay greater than what we wanted to commit at this point.

— Khodor Fawaz CEO of Fas Agro

While searching the internet for an alternative to fiber, Khodor and his team came across Perle Ethernet Extenders. These would enable them to transmit Ethernet IP data up to 3km – the perfect solution. Khodor explains, “All we needed to do was extend our data transmissions beyond the 100m Ethernet connection limit.”

Fas Agro installed a number of Gigabit Ethernet Extenders across their Manufacturing plant in Kano, Nigeria, and now operate an Ethernet network throughout the site.

Khodor comments, “We did all of the network installation by ourselves, without involving a specialist IT team. The Ethernet Extenders were easy to install and work well. I am a very satisfied customer.”

Fas Agro Network Diagram

About Fas Agrowww.fasagro.com

Established in Kano, Nigeria in 1989, Fas Agro is an industrial firm specializing in the production of woven polypropylene packaging. Over the last 20 years, Fas Agro’s investment in staff and machinery has seen the company grow to become a major provider of flexible woven polypropylene packaging in Nigeria.

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