Creating a hybrid video surveillance system using Analog and IP Cameras

Dragon LNG use Perle Media Converters to provide copper to fiber conversion in a scalable solution as they migrate from analog to digital IP cameras

Transitioning a video surveillance system from Analog to IP is seldom a rip-and-replace exercise. A hybrid solution comprised of legacy analog cameras and new digital IP cameras maximizes the investment already made in existing equipment while taking advantage of new features that IP cameras have to offer such as low latency, better image quality, and zoom.

— Geoff Cottle Engineer at Crime & Fire Defense Systems

An example of a hybrid surveillance system can be found at the Dragon Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facility in Wales, UK. Because handling LNG is hazardous due to its extremely flammable nature, receiving, storing, and regasification of LNG is carried out at only two sites in the UK. Monitoring this activity is a surveillance system consisting of analog Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras that transmit data over single-strand multimode fiber via modulators enabling analog to fiber conversion.

Diagram for Media Converters in Video Surveillance System

When several cameras needed to be replaced, Crime & Fire, the turnkey solutions provider at Dragon LNG, tried to source drop-in replacements. Cottle comments," It was impossible to source replacement analog cameras because the industry had moved on to digital IP-based cameras. We knew we needed to upgrade to an IP-based surveillance system but, due to budget restraints, and the fact that many of the analog cameras still had plenty of life in them, this needed to be a gradual process."

Once the new IP Cameras had been sourced, Crime & Fire installed Perle Media Converters to bridge the connectivity between the camera's copper ethernet interface and the single strand multimode fiber surveillance network.

“By installing the Perle Fiber Media Converters, we can integrate the new IP cameras into the existing surveillance system. The new cameras operate alongside existing analog cameras for now. This hybrid setup is flexible and scalable allowing us to easily bring additional IP cameras on board as and when required,” concludes Cottle.

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