State Electric Company (STELCO) use Perle PoE Switches at Remote Substations for Security Camera Installation

Industrial Switches provide PoE and Copper to Fiber conversion for IP cameras at substation and transformer locations in the Maldives

When STELCO decided to install security cameras at 50 substation and transformer locations throughout the capital city of Male in the Maldives, they knew they would need industrial-grade networking equipment housed inside IP65 NEMA enclosures. Many commercial-grade networking devices rely on airflow to dissipate heat generated by internal components. Industrial-grade equipment, on the other hand, is specifically designed to operate inside unvented enclosures

The cameras would be mounted on poles, or the sides of buildings, at the various substation and transformer locations. Industrial PoE Switches were needed to provide power to the security cameras, in addition to the copper ethernet to single mode fiber conversion for data transmission between the cameras and recording stations at corporate headquarters.

Diagram for PoE switches in security camera installations

Hassan Shifaz, Network Engineer at STELCO, comments, "We selected the Perle IDS Switches as they met the operational connectivity requirements and could provide power to the surveillance cameras. As the switches are fanless and support high temperatures, the conditions within the NEMA enclosure prove no challenge to them. They are working well."

Each Perle IDS Industrial PoE Switch provides up to 30 Watts power to the attached IP camera and performs copper to single mode fiber conversion. Their small form-factor ensured easy installation into the compact NEMA enclosures. Unused Ethernet ports are designated for future surveillance expansion with additional cameras, motion detector devices, and other equipment.

Perle Industrial PoE Switches operate in temperatures of -40°C to +75°C. All components are temperature rated and fully heat chamber tested. No ‘commercial-grade’ parts are used as these are likely to cause failures when exposed to high or low temperatures.

About State Electric Company Ltd, STELCO:

State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) is a state-owned organization responsible for the generation and distribution of electricity to customers throughout the Maldives. STELCO operates 15 power systems in 18 islands, providing electricity to 46% of the population of the country. Each power system is independent with its power generation and distribution infrastructure.

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