A Global Telco reduces system upgrade costs for call centers by implementing Terminal Servers


A global leader in telephony, communication systems, and services with thousands of worldwide call center and contact center customers was releasing a new gateway server. This new hardware would enable their call center and contact center customers to streamline voice and data solutions to increase staff productivity and reduce overall operating costs. The new servers also offered unmatched security, scalability and were ideal for both smaller stand-alone operations as well as large enterprises with multiple branches.

The existing call detail recording systems had the customers using eCAS (Call Accounting Systems) and pollable storage units to collect the call records with the required accounting information such as PSTN number, station number, duration of call and cost of call, with System Access Terminals (SAT) for administration console access.

The Challenge and Solution

The pollable storage units and SAT are serial based and unable to communicate with the TCP/IP connection on the new server. This meant that in order to upgrade to the new server, each customer would also have to replace their still useful pollable storage units and in some cases the applicable software would need upgrading as well.

The only solution would be to find a cost-effective and reliable way to connect the existing pollable storage units to the new improved and much anticipated servers.

The Telco turned to Perle and a solution was readily available. The IOLAN SDS2 Terminal Server connects the serial port in the pollable storage units to a TCP/IP connection on the new server. The IOLAN SDS2 also connects the serial port in the SAT to a TCP/IP connection on the new server. In cases where there is no existing Ethernet network, an Ethernet crossover cable is used.

The Results

Customers with this Telco, are benefiting from the server upgrade in several ways. No matter what size they are, they have reduced operating costs and increased staff performance. They also reduced their overall upgrade costs by leveraging existing communications infrastructure.

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