A leading telecommunication company enables remote administration of billing servers using Perle Console Servers

Given the ever increasing technological advances in the telecommunications sector, end users were expecting more advanced billing functionality, such as per second billing. The existing billing servers in use by one of the worlds leading telecommunications companies, with an installed base of 1100 worldwide, could not provide that level of data.

In response, they developed a new server solution to collect information about telephone calls made by an end users, save this data and send it for billing to the telecom provider.

The Challenge

The new solution consisted of a 22U pmCompaq rack holding an HP Proliant Server, several Procurve Network Switches, a MultiTech international analogue modem and an optional 2 STI power inverter (48VDC to 230VAC). The telecommunications company needed a way to remotely connect to these devices for administration and management purposes.

The Solution

Perle IOLAN Terminal Servers were chosen and installed in each rack. This enabled the administration of the server and associated equipment quickly and reliably via the network without the client having to lay new cables, etc. The possibility of remote maintenance over the Internet was essential in order to comply with quick reaction times. Remote maintenance allows the upload of new software updates and configuration amendments to the servers via the Perle Terminal Server.

As a strategic partner, Perle tested its products extensively over many months with the telecommunication company to ensure all the requirements were satisfied. With all requirements fulfilled, it is expected their will be 200 installations in over 25 countries of the new system.

Diagram Telco


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