A Municipality Saves Costs When Adding Video Detection to Intersections by using IOLAN Device Servers

Intelligent Transportation System Scenario and Challenges

Video Detection is an effective tool for traffic control and management. Video cameras provide immediate fullmotion feedback as traffic hotspots unfold, as well as offer better information for emergency vehicles, pedestrian and vehicular safety, public security, incident management and other control and management functions that are the outgrowth of increasingly congested traffic conditions.

Ethernet is emerging as the protocol of choice for incorporating video cameras at traffic intersections.

The challenges for the Traffic Management Center (TMC) when incorporating these Ethernet technologies such as Video Detection to existing Intelligent Transportation Systems is twofold:

  1. How to avoid making costly investments in replacements of existing traffic controllers
  2. How to maintain the use of existing Transportation Management Control Application Software


Several solutions exist that allow you to add Video Detection to an existing ITS however they involve costly equipment replacement, costly installation of separate Ethernet over fiber lines and the possibility of lengthy construction timelines.

Perle has a solution that allows for continued use of existing applications and equipment, and the prevention of laying separate Ethernet over fiber lines.

A local municipality in the northeastern United States recently realized the benefits of Perle’s cost saving solution. The municipality installed new Video Detection at intersections and IP enabled their serial RS232 based ITS equipment with Perle’s IOLAN Device Servers. They removed the older serial to fiber converters and replaced them with a high performance, cost effective 8 port IOLAN STS in the TMC and an IOLAN 1 port unit at each intersection site. Now the video, Ethernet and serial traffic controllers are consolidated across the same Ethernet fiber connection.

Traffic IOLAN Device Server Serial to Ethernet Diagram

Serial to Ethernet Solutions

IOLAN Device Servers

Web or network enable existing equipment with RS232, RS422 or RS485 serial interfaces, quickly and easily. These Device Servers have the broadest set of standard and secure feature sets on the market at the most cost-effective price.


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