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3 industries that play better with rugged IT in the game

By Donna Donnowitz
August 7, 2015

Every good basketball coach knows that no championship team is complete without its rugged swing player, a reliable performer who helps to make teammates more efficient. All the same principles apply when drafting gear to fill out vacancies on your IT infrastructure bench - you'll need a bruiser of a device that can play defense for your company's data and stand up to the brutal physicality of harsh environments.

"Rugged IT is right when competing against remote and harsh environments."

If the current members of your network infrastructure starting lineup can't handle the demands of your work environment, then it may be time for a trade. There are several industries that are in dire need of more solutions that can hold up to the unique performance pressure put on IT equipment. A good coach can recognize these needs immediately and identify where the adjustment should be made. For example, Government Computer News emphasized that rugged IT equipment is the right switch when competing against remote and harsh environments, both indoor and outdoor.

1. Manufacturing needs tech that can stand the heat
Federal Computer Week pointed out that excess heat is still the top cause of equipment failure in the network. Considering how much time and effort is spent cooling infrastructure in normal data center environments, it's no surprise that this task is even more difficult to accomplish in manufacturing spaces. The extreme temperatures common in manufacturing work environments generated by huge machinery or explosive chemical processes.

That's why it makes sense to put industrial-grade infrastructure into the game when competition heats up. Ethernet extenders designed to stand up to industrial environments, for example, are integral for connecting important devices like wireless access points, sensor arrays and security cameras via copper wire when the cost of new fiber cabling is too expensive.

2. Military applications demand shock resistant infrastructure
In military scenarios, it's absolutely critical to make the right play and secure the efficient transfer of information. Military clients scout out IT equipment that is capable of standing up to the rigors and unpredictability of life in the armed forces. Devices like Ethernet switches must be shock and vibration resistant if military IT experts expect their systems to see consistent action in the game. Likewise, corrosion resistance is a key feature necessary to protect infrastructure installed in wet, humid climates. Failure to install the right equipment could result in data loss in the worst possible moment, so industrial grade Ethernet switches are an obvious choice for any IT coach.

IT equipment for military use must be designed to handle the unexpected.IT equipment for military use must be designed to handle the unexpected.

3. Agricultural processes benefit from wear-resistant infrastructure
The meeting of agribusiness and network technology has helped to streamline the farming business by introducing automation, improving data collection and enhancing produce tracking. Sensors placed in the field allow growers to measure soil quality, fertilizer deployment and carbon fluctuation, and this data can be used to automate the entire process. In order to get these sensors up and running properly, however, farmers will also need network gear designed to work in outdoor environments.

This is another industry where industrial-grade Ethernet switches and extenders are an apt solution to problems inherent to the work environment. Regular exposure to dirt, vibrations of machinery and daily battering of sunlight would quickly take normal network equipment out of the game. Once agricultural experts get their hands on the right gear, they can begin to look for ways to optimize their current system, improve efficiency and create new opportunities to eliminate waste from the process.

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