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A comprehensive approach helps IT teams to make their their data centers greener

By Donna Donnowitz
May 18, 2015

The opportunity to improve public perception, increase system reliability and create cost reduction opportunities makes going green a no-brainer for most organizations operating a data center. Furthermore, the ever-growing demands of the storage market and the need to stay competitive with greener rivals have turned sustainable improvements into a near-necessity for many IT teams. Unfortunately, making a data center greener is not as simple as swapping out equipment for new models with better performance - it will take a full effort from every IT professional on your squad to enact a successful, reliable rollout of greener technology and operations. Follow the leads provided by the following green IT strategies to get your facility headed toward the future.

"Disorganized infrastructure often undermines efforts to make the data center greener."

Transform your space into a greener environment
A labyrinth-esque network architecture is almost never an indicator of a data center operating at maximum efficiency. Such disorganized infrastructure rarely supplements and often undermines efforts to make the data center greener and more efficient. That's why IT Business Edge pointed out that removing redundant hardware and eliminating instances of poor cord management are two great initial steps toward a greener data center.

It's easier to make your data center more sustainable after your IT team eliminates unnecessary equipment and clears up additional floor space. A leaner architecture, designed with the needs of facility managers in mind, will make it easier to integrate the latest green technology solutions as well.

Improvement starts with accurate measurements
IT managers know from experience that performing any project is made more difficult when team members don't know where the gaps in their own expertise lie. In fact, this lack of preparation can eventually compromise your company's effort to run the data center as efficiently as possible.

Data Center Knowledge pointed out that there are plenty of resources available for measuring the efficiency of a tech-focused facility. Connecting a hard drive that runs energy management software to the company's network, for instance, greatly simplifies this process and can be added seamlessly by way of a serial to Ethernet adapter.

Turn going green into company culture
At the end of the day, your company's greenest action plans won't bear fruit without complete buy-in from every member of the IT team. Failure to get these key individuals motivated about going green could lead to a botched implementation or wasteful investments. That's why it's important for decision-makers at companies with data facilities to do their due diligence in researching green data center transitions before instituting new expectations for employees.

Green data centers cost less to operate and are easier to maintain.Green data centers cost less to operate and are easier to maintain.

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