AI and the changing landscape of employment

AI is revolutionizing the job market, but what does it mean for you? From opportunities to challenges and their solutions, read on to find out about AI and the changing landscape of employment.

By Perle Systems
May 12, 2023
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"Is AI out to get my job?" This is the question numerous employees ask themselves often, ever since the use and impact of artificial intelligence (AI) within the labor force doubled. In some domains, AI has undoubtedly surpassed human capabilities, leaving several workers scared and hopeless. Data from Harvard Business Review shows that 60% of knowledge workers agree that with AI, the concepts that once defined their jobs are becoming obsolete.

On the other hand, AI has proven to be beneficial in several ways, improving efficiency, productivity and the overall success of workers. The trick is to find a comfortable balance between the opportunities and risks associated with AI; this is necessary to improve job security.

Let's take a look at the changing landscape of employment through AI. 

Opportunities AI offers

New employment possibilities

The World Economic Forum reports that AI will generate 97 million new jobs by 2025. AI is capable of automating repetitive tasks, allowing humans to do more complex tasks that require creative and critical thinking and problem-solving. By enhancing human capacities, AI will also alter current roles, allowing people to focus on tasks that require uniquely human skills. Some of the new positions that AI has already created include machine learning engineers, data analysts and AI ethicists.

New skills and competencies

Just as new roles are emerging, AI will force people to learn new skills and become competent in areas that it's not yet able to effectively do. New skills and competencies will complement AI, creating more balance between humans and machines. This helps reduce people's fears of their jobs being completely erased by AI.

Improvements to work-life balance

AI can improve work-life balance in ways other than just automating routine duties. To help people strike a better balance between work and life outside of work, it can also evaluate work patterns and provide recommendations on how to prioritize tasks and optimize work schedules.

Hiring manager handing over paperwork to interviewee. AI offers more opportunities than challenges in employment.

Challenges AI creates and how to overcome them

While AI offers several job opportunities, it also presents challenges that people and organizations must overcome to maximize its potential. Some challenges and their respective solutions are listed below.

Challenge: Potential loss of job
Solution: Explore potential job avenues and look for training and upskilling options. Additionally, learn how to leverage and collaborate with AI.

Challenge: Difficulty adapting to AI-powered work environments
Solution: Adopt a culture of lifelong learning and experimentation and seek assistance to adjust to new technology and workflows.

Challenge: Risk of being left behind due to inequalities
Solution: Seek opportunities to learn fresh skills and knowledge to stay competitive in the employment market.

Staying ahead of the curve with AI

AI will certainly evolve and become more advanced. However, instead of fearing its potential, start using it as motivation to grow and evolve. That way, instead of competing against it, you can show that both humans and machines can effectively work together. Here are some ways you can stay ahead of the curve with AI:

  • Invest in education and training.
  • Embrace lifelong learning.
  • Develop skills that complement AI.

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