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Australia a haven for FTTH deployments

By Donna Donnawitz
February 10, 2012
Fiber to the home is rapidly being embraced around the world as the future of internet services, though many telecoms are struggling to see significant value for the technology in the present. This is not the case in Australia, however, where a rapidly growing technology industry and rising interest in advanced internet capabilities is creating an environment primed for FTTH growth.

According to a recent report from Paul Budde Communications, Australia has witnessed significant expansion in terms of FTTH deployments within the country and surrounding region. Since 2007, the number of operators making investments in FTTH has risen substantially. This created an environment in 2011 in which more than 20,000 households were connected to FTTH technology.

The study found that the core elements of establishing an FTTH network are relatively simple on the surface. However, actually implementing utility infrastructure, cabling, disaster recovery systems, media conversion and other similar solutions that are essential to FTTH is a challenging process that requires careful planning. Because of this, the enthusiasm for FTTH has to be tempered by careful strategic implementation.

Despite the need for caution and precise planning, the market for FTTH in Australia is so vast that the study expects another 250,000 homes to have access to the technology by 2013. This statistic represents only those homes that will be connected by Greenfield Fiber Estates, the dominant provider in the region.

Furthermore, Australia and New Zealand government leaders have developed an initiative mandating that all new major housing developments in either of the two nations need to be constructed with FTTH connectivity. Those that, for one reason or another, cannot install FTTH infrastructure at the time of construction need to build the pit and pipe systems necessary to make an FTTH installation easy when it does become available.

While Australia's efforts to deploy FTTH are streamlined and far-reaching in scope, other nations are seeing projects arise that are designed to experiment with the full capabilities of the network and attempt to showcase what the future will look like. For example, Google is working on an FTTH installation in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, that will see network speeds 100-times that of the average U.S. connection option. A recent company blog post said construction is now officially set to begin on the new network.

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