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Bell activates new fiber optic network in Quebec City

By Max Burkhalter
March 28, 2012
A $227 million project to bring fiber-to-the-home connectivity to residents of Quebec City has come to fruition, as Bell Canada recently activated newly installed optical cabling lines through the region, TeleGeography reported.

According to the news source, the project began in 2010, when Bell Canada when fiber-to-the-node connection options were established in both Montreal and Toronto. At the time, Bell considered making a similar installation in Quebec City, but decided that an FTTH project made more sense in the region and began making plans for a large-scale installation.

Quebec City was well suited for FTTH because approximately 85 percent of the region is served by above-ground utility pole infrastructure instead of underground systems, which are seen throughout both Toronto and Montreal, TeleGeography explained. The readily accessible aerial infrastructure brought the costs of FTTH deployment down substantially, making it much easier for Bell to cost-effectively bring optical networking directly to homes instead of connecting a single node to backhaul infrastructure and using less expensive copper cabling to reach houses and business facilities.

This project is part of a large-scale program that Bell is running to support increased optical cabling deployment throughout parts of Canada. The report said Bell initially expected the initial construction to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2010, but delays set the project back by more than a year. At the time, the company also initiated an internal regulation that it will install FTTH infrastructure in any new housing development in Ontario or Quebec from the middle of 2010 onward. As a result, the activation of the FTTH network in Quebec City is not only a milestone for the region, but a sign of things to come as Bell continues to expand its investments in the technology.

FTTH is emerging as a critical telecommunications tool because it allows providers to better support consumers demanding greater performance from their home networks. However, finding success with FTTH requires a significant commitment to the technology. Most experts agree that revenue potential is the primary barrier to FTTH adoption, while also recognizing that installing more networks is key to getting enough users to adopt the technology and create opportunities for profits. Because of this, it is vital that telecommunications providers and municipal groups continue spending on FTTH if they want to see results from ongoing projects.

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