Cabling a new resource for BIM initiatives

BIM efforts grow in popularity as focus turns towards cabling as a new piece of the puzzle.

By Max Burkhalter
October 29, 2013

Building information modeling is a popular trend today, with the ability to better manage and control the infrastructure of a facility a top priority for organizations. For firms turning toward BIM as a solution for green construction or way to reduce building operation costs, cabling is becoming a top priority to optimize the infrastructure networks.

According to Cabling Installation & Maintenance, the recent Smart Market Report on BIM by McGraw-Hill Construction noted that the trend has been booming, with an astonishing 71 percent adoption rate in 2012. In 2007 BIM had only a 17 percent penetration rate into construction in North America.

"Though it may seem counterintuitive to increase spending during a recession, the research indicates that the industry is continuing to invest in a more productive future by embracing technologies and processes of BIM," Stephen Jones, author of the report, said. "The results of the survey validate many key trends we are seeing in North America--notably, the strong growth of BIM in construction and adoption amongst owners, architects and engineers. The results also point to the increased business benefits that all users derived from using BIM, such as better profits, more-accurate documentation, less rework, reduced project duration, fewer claims and the ability to offer new services."

As more firms are investing in BIM, they have to utilize high-quality fiber-optic cabling to streamline installation and ensure the technology meets infrastructure needs. As investments into fiber increase, however, companies also need to ensure they are using the best possible fiber to Ethernet and fiber media converter hardware as well to optimize the network and minimize latency. Such systems are implemented to improve building management, and utilizing sub par cabling and converters would hinder those efforts.

According to the report, 36 percent of users have been able to increase their profits over time though BIM, while over 50 percent high e-level users saw significant profit gains.

Ultimately, fiber optics is a high-value resource, but firms have to implement it wisely in order to really reap the rewards. Media converters and the right cabling goes a long way toward infrastructure optimization, and BIM initiatives require the best to provide real ROI.

Perle has an extensive range of Managed and Unmanaged Fiber Media Converters to extended copper-based Ethernet equipment over a fiber optic link, multimode to multimode and multimode to single mode fiber up to 160km.


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