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Company offering security boot camp for upcoming IPv6 transition

By Max Burkhalter
February 24, 2011
To prepare for the upcoming internet protocol switch, which will require many websites and businesses to be IPv6-capable and accessible, Command Information, a cyber securities provider, will be holding a security boot camp.

The training sessions will provide company executives in charge of overseeing the transition with comprehensive, hands-on courses intended to educate these workers regarding the unique security issues related to IPv6. Among the executives attending will be IT architects, engineers and administrators, Command Information estimates.

"We all read the news that ICAN gave out the last available blocks of IPv4 addresses last week,” said Lisa Donnan, Command Information’s executive vice president of cyber security. “Now we need to make sure that security keeps pace with IPv6 adoption. To do this, we are launching IPv6 Security Boot Camps to ensure that organizations have the cutting-edge knowledge and tools they need to protect their networks.”

The boot camp instructors will offer attendees insight to the most current issues regarding the latest internet protocol, giving specific attention to the challenges and regulations it brings. In addition, instructors will give security overviews of IPv6 and address popular topics, such as routing protocols, functionality of mobile devices with IPv6, integration and transition between IPv4 and IPv6, core engineering and more. Classes will also detail potential threats, vulnerabilities and solutions for any security issues related to IPv6.

Command Information’s boot camps aren’t the only precautionary step the digital world is taking in preparation for the inevitable switch. On June 8, many websites and companies will participate in World IPv6 Day, a 24-hour period for these organizations to roll out, test and examine their current IPv6-readiness. Many experts don’t believe the switch will occur until 2012, though many websites have already developed an IPv6-only site, as the end of IPv4 had been forecast for several years. Yahoo, Bing, Google, Facebook, Time Warner and Comcast are all among the companies taking part in the day, which is being organized by the Internet Society.

While many companies have declared their readiness for the switch, recent reports have shown many others are still lacking the technology to transition. Notably, Cisco’s popular Linksys router is currently without the necessary technology to access IPv6 sites, an area the company has now begun to address.


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