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Fiber optic coming to Swainsboro

By Donna Donowitz
January 10, 2011
The Pineland Telephone Company has broken ground on a new construction project that will create a fiber optic cable network to the citizens of Swainsboro, Georgia. The company made the announcement at an official groundbreaking ceremony, and plans to offer services some time during summer 2011, the Forest Blade reports.

Richard Price, general manager at Pineland Telephone, and Jinks Durden, director of operations at the telecom, told audiences at the groundbreaking the company's fiber optic-based services would offer significant upgrades over traditional copper-based models. One of the most important enhancements, they said, is the ability to deploy almost unlimited amounts of bandwidth to end users regardless of their distance away from the original source.

The bulk of the construction for the new network is expected to begin in February, and will focus on installing new overhead lines to carry cable to various destinations in the region. The initial installation will reach homes and businesses in the Lake Luck and East Georgia College portions of Swainsboro, and telephone, internet and video services should be available by August 2011. Long-term plans are also in place to bring the fiber optic network to other parts of the region as well.

"We are excited about bringing our services to the Swainsboro area. We have put months of planning and work into the project, and it is exciting to see it come to fruition. One of the staples of Pineland Telephone is first class customer service at affordable rates through bundling multiple services. We hope to provide that same level of service to the residents in the Swainsboro area," Price told the news source. Price also said East Georgia College has already agreed to a contract to connect to the fiber optic network to bring broadband services to its academic and new student housing facilities.

Fiber optic cable installations are increasingly becoming a popular way for telecoms to provide state-of-the-art services to businesses and residents. The Quincy Herald-Whig reports Quincy, Illinois, planning a major fiber optic project, as arrangements with a British telecom provider could lead to the installation of a fiber optic network that would cover the entire city.

According to the report, the new network could be installed in minimal time and with limited construction because the telecom would run fiber optic cable through sewer lines, placing mats on top of the wire to keep it anchored on the bottom of the piping.


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