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FTTH arrives in Egypt

By Max Burkhalter
February 29, 2012
The first fiber to the home installation has been completed in Egypt, as a state-of-the-art real estate project including FTTH connectivity has been completed. The housing development, which features more than 1,000 homes, has been equipped with FTTH capabilities in an effort to deliver broadband internet services, IPTV and other advanced technologies to residents of the neighborhood.

Palm Hills Development was the real estate company behind the project, which includes GPON technology for initial deployment and optical line termination solutions to bring the fiber-optic cabling to actual homes. The use of these specific solutions to enable FTTH allows the real estate developer to flexibly add to the network as needed over time.

Hisham Salah, vice president of technology for Palm Hills Developments, explained that FTTH was necessary to support the entertainment requirements that come along with luxury housing options.

"When designing our brand-new luxury real estate complex with the latest entertainment services, we were determined to provide residents with the newest applications and superior experience, requiring best-in-class FTTH technology," said Salah.

Salah explained that using GPON gave the developer access to a reliable foundation for the FTTH network, creating a scalable and cost-effective FTTH network that can meet the performance demands of the luxury housing sector.

With Egypt entering the FTTH fray, it joins the large number of countries striving to upgrade their internal network infrastructure to support optical connectivity options. According to a recent study from the FTTH Council, 30 countries have at least one percent of their home and business premises. The newest entrants to this list are Canada, Malaysia and Romania. South Korea leads all nations in FTTH penetration, at 58 percent, with the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Japan falling close behind.

FTTH is also taking hold in the Americas. Heather Burnett Gold, president of the FTTH Council North America, explained that Canada's entry into the list is at such an aggressive pace that the nation may have greater FTTH penetration than the United States in just a few years. Furthermore, a significant number of new projects in Latin America and the Caribbean are putting those nations in contention as serious players in the FTTH sector.

Burnett Gold explained that FTTH is emerging as the preferred wireline technology throughout the Americas. Telecoms that want to remain competitive are turning to optical networking solutions as the default solution for reaching customers with high-performance service options.

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