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FTTH becoming key to supporting advanced consumer networks

By Donna Donnawitz
December 22, 2011
The home network is changing. Instead of connecting to a simple telephone line and using a basic modem to casually surf the web and check emails, a growing number of consumers are tapping into high-performance broadband connections and using them to access high definition video streaming, voice and videoconferencing services, data-rich services and other advanced capabilities. According to a recent FierceTelecom report, this shift is leading to a monumental change in how home networks are established.

As more consumers demand high-performance network capabilities, the importance of fiber to the home and other advanced connectivity options is growing. The report explained that the access network and connectivity technologies are shifting in response to increased demands from the consumer sector. This is creating an environment where investments in networking technology flexible enough to handle diverse uses is becoming popular.

According to the news source, recent studies from Infonetics Research show just how far this movement toward advanced home networks has come. The research found investments in FTTH and wideband cable infrastructure are rising substantially, especially in China.

Jeff Heynen, directing analyst for broadband access and video at Infonetics Research explained that much of the core foundational cabling installation has taken place to enable increased FTTH deployment around the world. This is already leading to significant growth for the technology, as service providers work to offer consumers improved connectivity options.

The efforts to deliver more advanced network resources to homes has led to significant revenue growth in the sector. According to Infonetics Research, the third quarter of 2011 witnessed a slight quarter-over-quarter decline, due to seasonal slowdowns. However, even after this 2 percent quarter-over-quarter recession, the market still expanded 10 percent in terms of year-over-year growth.

Increased spending on FTTH and advanced home networking options is, to some extent, indicative of the overall trend toward advanced connectivity in the business and data sector sector. As consumers and workers alike increasingly use mobile device to access data-rich content, cloud computing to deploy applications over the web and streaming services to view video from any location with an internet connection, the need for high-performance networks from the data center through to the home is becoming critical for service and content providers. This is leading many businesses to prioritize the network as a key enabler instead of a background function.

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