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FTTH Council lauds Google's FTTH networks

By Donna Donnawitz
April 24, 2013

The combination of media converters, fiber-optic cables and other robust telecommunications systems used in fiber-to-the-home networks enables telecoms to develop advanced networks that achieve high standards for performance. Google has been helping to lead the FTTH charge in North America through a few pilot projects that have brought advanced FTTH infrastructure to a Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri. Google recently announced plans to develop a third FTTH network in Provo, Utah. In a recent release,Heather Burnett Gold, president of the FTTH Council Americas, praised Google for its efforts to advance FTTH deployment in North America.

Looking at FTTH use in North America
The United States has been a fairly strong market for FTTH deployment in the past, but has not necessarily been a hotbed for the technology. While FTTH is fairly prominent in metropolitan and suburban parts of the United States, many rural parts of the country are relatively under-served. In some cases, this issue includes small urban pockets in otherwise urban areas. Efforts like the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have helped diversify FTTH efforts in the country, and Google efforts have also fueled advanced telecom network deployment.

Burnett Gold explained that Google's efforts represent a major step forward for FTTH deployment in the Americas.

"The announcement from Google is yet another validation that fiber is finally coming into its own in America," said Burnett Gold. "Communities across the country are increasingly committed to providing their citizens with the vital infrastructure they need to compete and succeed in the information economy. Cities large and small, from Seattle, Washington to Lafayette, Louisiana, understand that ultra high-speed networks will play a crucial role in empowering our nation's communities and we congratulate Google Fiber on adding Provo, Utah to the ever-growing roster of gigabit cities."

According to Burnett Gold, there are still plenty of under-served cities in the United States, and the FTTH Council Americas will continue to advocate continued FTTH adoption in these areas.

Dealing with geographic challenges in FTTH deployment
Distance is a major issue in FTTH deployment. Installing cabling over large telecom networks can be an extremely expensive process, especially in rural regions where the population density does not create enough customers to create consistent revenue. Many experts agree that supporting FTTH deployment with fiber-to-the-business solutions could complement the core telecom infrastructure and create revenue opportunities.

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