Google, CenturyLink, and Cox bring next-generation Internet to Phoenix

Three companies are competing for the position of Arizona's most popular gigabit Internet providers. 

By Donna Donnowitz
August 18, 2014

Three companies, the latest being CenturyLink, have recently announced their intention to bring gigabit Internet service to customers across the Valley of the Sun. Each company aims to improve the Internet speeds of customers by taking advantage of current fiber-to-Ethernet infrastructure. The gigabit connections will allow Internet users to download HD movies in less than 30 seconds.

The gigabit war hits Phoenix
CenturyLink announced on August 6 that it would be bringing gigabit service to the Phoenix-metro area and began delivering faster Internet to small business customers on August 18, says AZ Central. The company has already delivered gigabit service to limited residential customers in the city but Century Link vice-president Ken McMahon says the telecom company is currently focused on delivering high-speed Internet solutions to small businesses. Firms running extensive cloud networks will be able to streamline access to vital data by utilizing gigabit connections.

CenturyLink's announcement comes at the heels of Google's February announcement that Phoenix had become a potential target city for Google Fiber. Google has since listed three administrative position openings located in Arizona, according to their homepage. The move by CenturyLink to deliver gigabit speeds to Phoenix are no surprise as several telecoms, nationwide and regional alike, have upped Internet speeds for customers in response to Google's fiber-optic expansion. Google has yet to confirm that Google Fiber is guaranteed for Phoenix but their potential rivals have already acted to protect their customer base.

Cox Communications weighs in
Cox Communications, the nation's third-largest Internet provider, has also joined the fight to deliver gigabit service to Phoenix customers. The telecom leader announced in July that customers would receive a boost to their Internet speeds at no extra charge. This bonus came after a May announcement that Cox would deliver gigabit speeds to residential customers by 2015, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

Arizona residents were given an opportunity to try out gigabit Internet speeds in early August at an interactive exhibit in downtown Phoenix. Visitors were able to compare the download speeds of traditional broadband and gigabit connections side by side. A Cox spokeswoman noted to AZ Central that the company has offered gigabit service to business customers since 2007.

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