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How IoT can help make employees happier and healthi

By Perle Systems
April 6, 2023

Many of us are already familiar with how internet of things (IoT) devices can create more comfortable environments at home, so it only makes sense that these comforts can be applied to our workplaces, too! We can use voice commands to dim or brighten lights, blinds or shutters may be opened or closed at the touch of a button and thermostats can be adjusted without lifting a finger.

So, what other IoT-powered capabilities can we incorporate in offices and other on-site working premises to help employees feel physically better and psychologically safer? Let's take a look:

Air quality

Our brains and bodies need oxygen to function, and too much carbon dioxide can cause us to feel drowsy and weak. Opening windows in an office can usually give us the fresh air we need, but sometimes, we're not even aware that an enclosed space has poor indoor air quality. The solution? As IoT business explains, air quality sensors can be used to monitor humidity, temperature and CO2 levels and alert us if they're too high. With regard to heat, these sensors can indicate whether a room is too hot or cold so that employees can change the thermostat to improve their comfort. Some IoT devices can even do this automatically without the need for human intervention.


Work sites in some industries such as manufacturing plants or mines can expose workers to potentially dangerously high noise levels. People can withstand certain higher decibel levels for a very specific period before they run the risk of sustaining hearing damage. According to the Center for Disease Control, environmental noises should be maintained "below 70 dBA over 24 hours (75 dBA over 8 hours) to prevent noise-induced hearing loss." Per Forbes, IoT devices can be utilized to notify staff if noise levels exceed the recommended levels.

protective gear, ears, hearing, damage, preventionIt's crucial to wear protective gear in noisy environments to prevent hearing loss.

Water safety

We become sluggish and lose our ability to focus when we're dehydrated. Some workplaces provide filtered water in water coolers for their employees, but staff members in many workplaces have to rely on tap water. It's safe for the most part but can contain potentially dangerously high levels of toxins in some geographic areas. Using IoT detectors to measure water quality allows employers to prevent their workers from becoming sick from drinking contaminated water.  The sensors can warn managers when water becomes unsuitable for consumption.

Mental health

Many bosses think only of physical well-being when focusing on employee health. However, good mental health is as important as being physically well. Not to mention that poor mental health can have physical effects on our bodies, causing us to become sick and less productive. We tend to be less engaged and constructive when we feel unsafe, overworked, disconnected or stressed. IoT technologies that make communication and collaboration easier have the potential to make workforces feel safer and less anxious.

Partner with Perle for peak productivity and satisfaction

We offer a wide array of IoT hardware and software that can be utilized in unique and novel ways to create safer, healthier working environments across a wide range of industries. To learn more about how Perle provides efficient, reliable connectivity via industrial switches and terminal servers, visit our case studies page.


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