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Industrial Ethernet, IPv6 intersecting

By Donna Donnowitz
March 2, 2016

The Industrial Internet of Things is gaining momentum at such a rapid pace that businesses must be prepared to handle the transition to IPv6. As organizations consider this possibility, industrial Ethernet tools can provide a valuable way to unify network operations while allowing for the integration of IPv6 devices into the network.

A recent Automation World report explained that organizations should not take the lack of recent hype surrounding IPv6 as a reason to slow the transition to the new protocol. IPv6 is still coming and industrial organizations will see it quickly as the IoT rises. In response, there is a significant need for strategic network upgrades that enable companies to keep pace with a move to IPv6.

Getting ready for IPv6 in industrial settings
According to the news source, Network Address Translation solutions may have delayed a transition to IPv6, but they aren't about to make it unnecessary. Instead, industry expert Frank Williams explained that a large-scale move will be needed to handle IPv6, especially as IPv6 and IPv4 are not interoperable.

IPv6 is coming quickly to industrial settings embracing the IoT.IPv6 is coming quickly to industrial settings embracing the IoT.

"Most of the modern operating systems have support for IPv6, but some of them, like Windows 10, automatically prefer IPv4 networks," Williams told Automation World. "And for a connection to operate completely on IPv6, all the devices in the route between your origin and destination have to be IPv6, or you will find yourself drilling down to IPv4 for part of the route. That means that all the routers, switches, Wi-Fi access points and base stations, cable modems, DSL routers - every device on your network - must be switched out for an IPv6 device."

Turning the IPv6 transition into an opportunity
Industrial organizations are facing unique challenges in response to the rise of the IoT. The technology is driving new networking challenges both in terms of bandwidth requirements and a need to deliver data flexibly to a wide range of devices spread across different parts of the business. Industrial Ethernet investments are increasingly critical as more organizations implement IoT solutions everywhere from the factory floor to the warehouse.

Investing in industrial Ethernet switches to support the IoT plays an essential part in getting your network ready for Industry 4.0. At the same time, this strategic hardware can also ensure you are prepared for IPv6. A transition to IPv6 doesn't have to be a mere cost sink for your company. Instead, it can align with ongoing network upgrade strategies to provide meaningful value across the organization.

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