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IoT for a deeper clean?

By Max Burkhalter
October 5, 2022

Can cobots really provide a deeper clean?

That's the question being asked by industry experts as cobots — smart and autonomous robots designed to unburden workers of repetitive cleaning tasks — are increasingly available on the market today.

As defined by Interclean, cobots have a separate designation from robots due to their ability to operate completely autonomously. Thanks to the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the connectivity between operating systems and individual cobots allows them to be deployed throughout a multi-level office environment without any oversight required.

Designed to free human cleaners to perform more complex tasks, the cobot isn't intended to replace the need for human staff. This article will examine how this technology is enhancing the efficiency of today's cleaning solutions.

Team, work

Cobots can relieve cleaning operators from the physical taxation and mental exhaustion of repetitive tasks. Employers seeking to maximize workplace safety standards are recognizing the impact that vigorous cleaning protocols can have on bodies of their hired cleaning professionals. Relief provided by automated assistants may reduce the physical strain on human workers. When leveraged against paid time off for sickness, injury or absense, the operating cost of an always-available cobot may provide savings over the course of a fiscal year.

One of the challenges facing the cobot assisted model has been the effective management of a hybrid cleaning workforce. The requirements of some larger businesses, many of whom have office environments in excess of 7,500 sq ft. or more, demand a scalable cobot workforce. The ability to task additional cobots to effectively provide the level of cleaning needed has created the need for a subscription service model.

Hired hands

As reported by IoT Business News, ICE Cobotics has developed a service expressly designed to accommodate the flexibility some businesses require. ICE Cobotics, a global leader in cleaning technologies, has partnered with T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom for an exclusive IoT connectivity and management solution.

The partnership, to be deployed globally, will connect and manage a network of over 7,500 cobot devices. The subscription service will better allow organizations to decide on the ideal implementation of their cobot workforce. By providing real-time data, operators will be able to monitor performance outcomes and make determinations regarding the ratio of human to machine operators needed to facilitate the deepest clean.

As part of the new service, ICE Cobotics will offer their latest intelligent and fully-autonomous cleaning units to subscribers. Businesses who implement the service will have access to products like the Cobi 18, a compact floor scrubber designed to clean up to  7,000 sq ft per hour. The Cobi 18 is a cost effective solution for companies with largest operating environments, as the unit is available for less than $20 per day.

Thanks to advances provided by IoT technology, businesses are deploying a cost-effective cleaning enhancement for human operators in need of a helping hand.

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