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Keeping business tech current

By Max Burkhalter
September 17, 2021

The ever-expanding and developing world of technology can be intimidating to even the most capable business. With new technological products emerging from every sector, the question can easily become: what can these new technologies possibly do for my business? Your company might scramble to adopt the shiniest new piece of technology, or perhaps believe that the older foundations of your tech work just fine for the moment.

Regardless of your business's outlook on new technology, the reality is that your customers expect a certain level of user experience. Without overwhelming your clientele, it may be beneficial for your business to update your platforms. This improved technology will help to retain interest. Too many companies have struggled to advance with outdated technology and clunky platforms.

The perils of outdated technology for clients
The world has become accustomed to on-demand technology, with goals being just one click away. Frustrations arise easily when technology doesn't respond quickly or when it is difficult to navigate. Clients expect a certain level of accessibility. They know the information they seek is typically at the tips of their fingers.

When technology is outdated, users feel they are wasting their time. This irritation, coupled with the rapid pace of other developing technology, means customer support and reliance can be easily diverted. Customers will not sort through complicated technologies to find the answers they are looking for. With so much competition across the digital marketplace, another business can easily attract their attention with a more accessible platform and newer tech. Regardless of the service offered, the public-facing view a company curates will dictate the client's decisions.

Employees' reactions to outdated technology
Not only will clients seek their support elsewhere, but the employees attempting to navigate the antiquated software can cost employee productivity. PC details this difficulty, describing that employer resistance to the expenses of improving technologies may cost them much more. Employees will become dissatisfied with the extra work involved in reaching their goals, leading to general discontent and affected morale.

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The security risks of outdated technology
The negative impacts of outdated technology on employees and clients aside, your business may suffer from security risks. Protecting your business and your clients from data breaches maintains user confidence, but also your business's reputation and resources. UpGuard makes the risks clear, as the cost of data breaches has increased by 10% from 2020 for an average cost of $4.24 million in 2021. With millions more working online in the pandemic, the risk of outdated technology for businesses grows.

Investing in secure technologies that will protect your organization from these risks, while expensive, will save your company money. Technology that fails to protect user information and internal data will lose client confidence and ultimately reduce the business's impact.

How best to keep your technology current
If your company is struggling with technologies and if employees are dissatisfied with their ability to complete their work, it may be time to invest in new tech. Still, the sheer enormity of technological tools can stymie even the most well-intentioned employer. Brother International Corporation studied small-business owners and found that 63% felt overwhelmed by the quantity of technologies available.

Making these decisions requires an intimate understanding of the business's operations and goals. Investing not only the money but the time in researching available options will keep your business from falling into the more-is-always-better trap. Creating in-depth analyses and studies of your user experience, both internally and externally, will best equip an employer with the goals for their new technology. Implementing the brightest new tech can hinder a company's technological development. It may move the business in the wrong direction, away from the established goals.

Companies must devote themselves to applying the best possible technology to their goals. Establishing the 'Goldilocks principle,' in which businesses only adopt the perfect tech, will promote growth and security while best serving customers. Outdated technology is too often the cause of company decline and struggle. The good news is that the world of technological options is wide and varied, and while it may take time and effort to wade through many imperfect tech, the perfect solution is out there waiting for you.

Perle can help you with the hardware needed in the effort to keep your technologies current and to best protect your business. Read our customer success stories to learn more.


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