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Making hot desking work for your employees

By Max Burkhalter
July 25, 2021

Hot desking is a dynamic desking solution that provides flexible options for the workspace. The idea is that multiple employees can be assigned to use an office desk at different times throughout the day, week or month. According to Remote Report, companies currently have an average of 50%-60% of office space sitting empty, and downsizing is an attractive cost-savings option. 

Benefits of hot desking
Hot desking has perks for the employee and employer alike:

  • Maximized office space: Hot desking reduces the number of desks needed, making better use of square footage, and frees up space for creative interior design ideas.
  • Enhanced productivity among workers: Employees can sign up for a desk in proximity to the team they need to collaborate with and make the most of their face-to-face time together. 
  • Enabled flexibility for employees: With hot desking, hybrid workers can look up and reserve a hot desk in the location that fits their needs on days they need to be in-office.

Creating a hot desking system
Once you've decided that hot desking could work well for your business, you need to formulate a sensible plan for setting it up and managing it. After determining how many hot desks you need, you'll also need a sensible way for employees to reserve desks and rules for keeping hot desks clean and empty of personal belongings. Fortunately, there are apps and computer software solutions to ensure an orderly rollout. Making sure employees are happy is a priority; Gensler's 2020 U.S. Workplace Survey noted that many employees working in a hot desk situation were resistant to the idea of not having a designated space.

Equipment and tech your employees need
Certain technology, equipment and tools are recommended to maximize productivity and satisfaction among hot desk users. Obviously, hot desk spots must be outfitted with solid internet connection, which can be either broadband Ethernet or good Wi-Fi.


  • Monitors: Consider whether one or two should stay on each desk, and make sure the user interface is easy to use.
  • Mouse and keyboard: Decide whether a stationary setup is better or whether each user should have their own wireless mouse and keyboard.
  • Chargers and dongles: Have these at the ready so time is used efficiently and there aren't any surprises with power or compatibility.
  • Docking stations: The keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer can be permanently plugged into a station, rather than separately plugged into the computer.
  • Power outlets: Consider a modular power supply, which allows the user to attach cables as needed and avoids cable management headaches.


  • Adjustable desks: It is important to accommodate different employee body types (e.g., short vs. tall) and preferences (e.g., sitting vs. standing).
  • Ergonomic chairs: Hot desk users want comfort and also to adjust for things like the curvature of their back, length of their legs and position of chair arms.
  • Storage and closet space: A bank of lockers can provide cubby space for multiple users. They also need a place to put their personal items such as coats and snacks.
  • Sanitary wipes or sprays: Even more so in this virus-conscious era, workers appreciate access to disinfectants and wipes to clean their space.

Software and tools

  • Office map: It is ideal to provide an employee with an interactive seating chart. This is a visual that shows office layouts and indicates available desks.
  • Hot desking software: Choose a solution that lets employers announce hot seat availability, indicate teams who will regularly hot desk, and provide details on what is included in a particular hot desk arrangement.

Is hot desking right for your organization?
Done right, hot desking can be a game-changer for your employees and your company. This simple change can substantially reduce your overhead costs, improve the culture of your office and make your employees' work experience more flexible, collaborative and rewarding. Perle can help you prepare your workplace for hot desking with hardware solutions. Read our customer success stories today.


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