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March News Roundup

By Max Burkhalter
March 26, 2014

This month's terminal server and smart grid news top four topics included:

1. Solar one of the biggest influencers of smart grid growth
Adoption of solar solutions in consumer and business markets is driving the growth of the smart grid market across the globe. Greentech Media recently reported that distributed solar investments are forcing more utilities to deploy smart grid solutions, including high-quality terminal servers, to adapt to the change in power distribution across their infrastructure. By investing in high-quality solutions, providers are able to adapt to the unpredictability of these changes, boosting their resiliency and focusing on energy-centric IT investments in order to leverage the potential that solar offers.

2. Microgrid developments the future of smart grid resiliency
The reliability of the nation's energy network is of constant concern, and more utilities are considering smart grid and microgrid investments in order to avoid risks and boost the resiliency of their networks. Microgrids in particular are seeing a surge in popularity, driven by projects in California, in promoting self-reliance for energy generation in key sectors, such as college campuses or government complexes. In fact, University of California, San Diego, was able to reduce its own power consumption by $850,000 a month, focusing on generating nearly 92 percent of its own energy and reducing reliance on outside sources.

3. Tokyo to launch massive smart grid initiative
Japan is leading smart grid innovation with a new project in Tokyo, which would be the largest smart grid deployment in history when completed. Tokyo Electric Power Company recently revealed its plan to deploy over 27 million smart meters across the nation's capital.

"[One] thing that's kind of unique about the Japanese market is the scalability of the system," said Heath Thompson, chief technology officer at Landis+Gyr North America, one of the technology suppliers for the project. "TEPCO's 27 million smart meters are each meant to network with multiple in-premise devices, and you have to have the scalability, from the individual components back to the head-end, to deal with those huge volumes of meter data."

4. Smart grid projects continue to grow
New investments in smart grid projects are hitting the news every day, with more firms focused on expanding their capabilities and offering cleaner, cheaper power to consumers. Across the United States, utilities are investing in innovative new efforts to decrease the cost of energy storage, streamline peak demand control and harness renewable energy sources more effectively.


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