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Networking could play key role in cloud computing's future

By Max Burkhalter
August 30, 2012
Cloud computing and networking systems are closely aligned. The cloud presents a number of changes to how businesses and consumers access data and applications. Because of this, the network often becomes a critical cloud enabler because it provides the avenue upon which data travels to end users.

Furthermore, cloud computing and traditional enterprise networking systems do not necessarily align particularly well. Because of this, strategic network upgrades are often needed to support the cloud. This is creating an environment in which cloud computing and the enterprise network are intertwined. As the future of the cloud continues to become clearer, how it will impact the network could also be better defined.

According to a recent TechCloud9 report, the future of the cloud will likely be decided based on whether continued developments are made from a vendor-focused perspective or with end users kept in mind. The cloud is currently at a crossroads in which it is beginning to shift away from a role as an emerging solution and into a mainstream technology. To guide how the technology evolves through this period, many industry stakeholders have gathered to form the Cloud Advisory Committee.

The news source said the CAC could help prevent the cloud from getting into trouble by becoming too vendor oriented or overly end user specific. This is made possible because the organization features a combination of cloud providers, telecoms and businesses that use cloud computing solutions. This diverse body combining to develop the cloud for the future could provide a valuable balance of perspectives, leading the technology to a much more successful and sophisticated future.

As the cloud continues to assume a more mainstream role, its expansion will likely lead to new networking demands. Many experts agree that the cloud's meteoric rise is changing data center network requirements. Instead of using optical cabling primarily in the backhaul systems and storage arrays, many core network functions will require the advanced cabling format. As a result, media conversion tools that enable businesses to freely switch between fiber and copper can help companies better develop a network system that will support their current and future cloud plans.

The cloud's future may still be, to a great extent, in limbo. But most experts agree that the network will play a major role in guiding the cloud moving forward, whether it grows through a customer-centric or vendor-focused approach.

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