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New Hampshire project laying foundation for future FTTH investments

By Max Burkhalter
December 28, 2011
Many rural parts of the country are still devoid of broadband internet services, making fiber to the home installations cost-prohibitive and slowing the overall pace of internet innovation. In New Hampshire, efforts are being made to overcome this problem and lay the groundwork for infrastructure that could be used to support FTTH deployment moving forward, the Nashua Telegraph reported.

According to the news source, significant progress is being made on a project, titled Network New Hampshire Now, which will complete approximately $65 million worth of fiber-optic cable installations throughout the state.

Currently, there is what is called the "golden triangle" of connectivity in New Hampshire. This represents the more developed part of the state, which is relatively small and the only area with well-established broadband and fiber-optic services. Rob Carmichael, president of the contractor actually installing the new cable, told the Nashua Telegraph the project will face many challenges while working toward the eventual completion date of June 2013, which is an accelerated timeline for this type of project.

Carmichael told the news source the installation of approximately 750 miles of fiber-optic cable infrastructure through both rural, suburban and urban areas without current optical network access will face all of the traditional challenges of such a network deployment. These include finding space on utility poles and encouraging cooperation between providers. However, the installation will also require the company to install an overwhelming amount of cabling in a short period of time, leaving the door open for unpredictable challenges.

Despite these difficulties, the network is well worth the effort, as the news source explained it will create a foundation that government organizations and telecom service providers can tap into to create their own fiber-optic networks. This can lead to more FTTH deployment throughout the region.

Expanding the opportunities for FTTH is becoming critical, as costs are currently limiting how much service providers can do when it comes to making their own investments in optical network technologies. By building large-scale middle-mile optical lines that are often funded largely through government grants, investments in FTTH deployment can be accelerated. If the telecoms themselves are left to build these large middle-mile networks, the costs rise substantially, reducing the return telecoms get for the networks and limiting the technology's growth. As more projects similar to Network New Hampshire Now are completed, the FTTH market's potential could rise.

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