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New Zealand working on FTTH

By Donna Donnawitz
August 30, 2012
Australia has been a hotbed for fiber-to-the-home innovation over the course of the past few months. The government is working on a large-scale plan that will lead to widespread FTTH installation in a relatively short period, enabling much better connectivity throughout the island nation. Piggybacking on this plan, New Zealand recently announced its intentions to tap into the same concepts that have fueled the creation of the Australian National Broadband Network, ZDNet reported.

When Stephen Conroy, Communications Minister for Australia, recently presented the results of a major study on mobile roaming, New Zealand Communications Minister Amy Adams joined him to announce new plans to build its own national FTTH network. According to the news source, Adams said such an investment is becoming critical for New Zealand because fiber-optic cabling solutions provide for a future-proof network that is comprehensive nature.

She told those gathered at the event that building the new network, though a complex and expensive proposition, makes the most sense now instead of waiting for technologies to continue to develop, the report said.

"The most comprehensive and future-proof network we could build was a fibre-to-the-home package," Adams told audiences, ZDNet reported. "Effectively, it made far better fiscal sense [to build the network now] ... and all the feedback we've had is it's been the right way to go. It made better sense to do it now, rather than have to come back in the future and retrofit a fibre-to-the-node to a fibre-to-the-home connection."

While the project is focused on FTTH, fiber to the node will also play a role in the deployment. The report explained that the urban parts of the country and other relatively densely populated areas will be serviced through FTTH. However, New Zealand wants to provide broadband connectivity in rural regions everywhere, especially for schools and similar institutions. As a result, FTTN will be used to expand the network to these areas in a more cost-effective way.

Such sophisticated and diverse fiber deployments are heavily dependent on media conversion technology. FTTH and FTTN projects all eventually meet a place within the network, whether at the node or at the home, where the optical line ends and signal needs to be converted back into a format that copper can handle. As a result, media conversion tools are emerging as a critical technology in supporting ongoing efforts to build better telecommunications infrastructure around the world.

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