Singapore swimming in new data centers

Greater data center growth in Singapore points toward the region's future.

By Max Burkhalter
March 19, 2015

Asia has seen an influx in data center capacity as more businesses in the region have come to depend on storage facilities to perform their daily operations. Opportunities to develop new data centers has continued to increase, especially in Southeast Asia. Even nations like Singapore, where the market is well developed and competition is already established, continued to see new development of new data centers throughout 2014. This year will continue the momentum of that growth in Southeast Asia, as showcased by recent openings of facilities in Singapore by companies domestic and foreign alike.

"Data sovereignty laws encourage providers to build in Southeast Asia."

Regional politics driving continued data center boom
A recent study performed by TechNavio suggested that the data center industry in the Southeast Asia region as a whole will enjoy an 18.05 percent CAGR between 2014 and 2019. Datacenter Dynamics pointed out that there are several factors influencing the expansion of data center square footage in Singapore, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. Much of the drive is politically influenced - trends in international data sovereignty law has made it in the best of interest of companies outside of Southeast Asia to build up infrastructure with the borders of these nations.

In addition, more government agencies in the region have begun to make investments in data center services. The rise of public sector customers has generated even more opportunities in an area of the world already ripe for data center development. Datacenter Dynamics also pointed out that over a fifth of the data center infrastructure in regions like Singapore is nearing obseletion - hardware across the facilities will soon reach the end of their usefulness as technology is influenced by shifts like the upcoming transition to IPv6. The end of these aging facilities will create even more opportunities for growth in the future.

Equinix has SG3 up and running
According to ZDNet, Equinix recently opened up SG3, a 385,500 square foot facility that will act as the company's flagship center in Singapore and the entire Asia-Pacific region. SG3 features multiple advanced security strategies in order to comply with local requirements for data center facilities that store and send financial information and also features a recycled water cooling system to keep the facility's utility expenses under control. Equinix's newest center will boast a full capacity of 5,000 cabinets, with 1,000 of them already available for customers.

Singapore swimming in new data centersSingapore's influx of data centers is just the beginning of a regional boom.

CenturyLink to debut its first facility in Asia
Unlike fellow data center company Equinix, CenturyLink has yet to break ground on Singapore soil. This will change soon, however, based on a recent release, according to Data Center Knowledge. The company recently announced that it would be jumping into the cloud infrastructure game by expanding its holdings into Singapore. CenturyLink's facility will seek to meet server and storage needs initially before expanding into managed services down the road.

ST Telemedia highlights domestic growth
The Stack reported that local organization Singapore Technologies Telemedia just announced the purchase of real estate for the purpose of building a new 15,000 square foot facility. There's a good chance that ST Telemedia's new data center will be carrier neutral, a trend that is quickly sweeping across the industry in Southeast Asia. Also notable is the company's commitment to creating and maintaining a sustainable storage environment - the facility is already being designed to meet multiple energy efficiency standards, including LEED. Even more Singapore companies are likely to follow ST Telemedia's lead and prioritize sustainability in their new data center plans.

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