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The benefits of remote power strips

By Max Burkhalter
July 12, 2021

Remote reboot smart IP power strips and intelligent power management software can significantly minimize server and device downtime in your data center in case of interrupted power surges.
Remote power management solutions allow IT professionals to effortlessly manage and maintain operations in a distributed setting, accessing modernized tools that facilitate rapid power cycling for devices hundreds of miles away at the tap of a button. Here are the benefits of implementing a remote power strip.

Reduced downtime
Organizations that are heavily reliant on IT infrastructure and system availability can be adversely affected by even a relatively minor risk of downtime caused by server or infrastructure failure. Rand points out that the cost of downtime can exceed $100,000 per hour. Mitigating downtime is a top priority for any company with a strong dependency on functioning IT. With remote power management products, you can reduce server downtime, outages and losses. One of the fastest ways to get things back on track is with a cold reboot, but without remote options, a service technician must be sent to the physical site to perform the operation. The 20's "Cost of Downtime Report" notes that these services can reach or exceed $250 per incident.

With a remote option available for performing a cold reboot, outlet-level power control can be managed without a requirement to dispatch field personnel to execute a hard reboot manually. This can also significantly shorten the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). Remote power switch products can help reduce dependency on both in-house IT staff and third-party services, giving you a cost-effective way to control operations at geographically diverse and distributed locations. 

Intelligent power
You can utilize remote power management products as stand-alone devices, or integrate them seamlessly with your infrastructure management tools. This can provide you with a single interface for console access and remote power. You may also be able to connect individual intelligent power products with environmental monitoring devices. This lets you continually track and monitor datacenter conditions. Alerts can be sent immediately if an intrusion occurs, or if an area is experiencing a higher amperage draw per circuit than expected. Humidity and temperature parameters can also be set.

3-Phase compatibility
As an administrator, you can choose to implement leading advances in power distribution, like 3-Phase power, in your datacenters and server rooms. 3-Phase is typically compatible with most remote power management products, and increases available amperage into the server rack while using fewer circuits. 3-Phase also delivers a more balanced power load, and shrinks the overall number of PDUs you need to provide energy needed to power equipment.  

Power-up sequencing
How your devices power can directly affect the integrity of your power system. Integrating power-up sequencing, which lets you control the flow of power to each outlet, will provide a strong mitigating effect in case of a power failure. Simply preset the order in which you want your power outlets and attached devices to activate. This sequencing process helps prevent circuit overload, and ensures that each device powers-up in the right sequence.

Remote power strips give you control and visibility into amperage requirements, delivering redundant power capabilities and grouping outlets for dual/multi-power devices across circuits. You can monitor amperage and environmental factors, and experience the enhanced value realized by reducing system downtime.

Perle has a variety of remote power strips so you can power on, power off, and remote cycle as needed. Contact us today to learn more.


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