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The need for customization in the data center

By Donna Donnowitz
March 10, 2015

The logistics of running a data center have become increasingly difficult to manage as facilities have become larger and more complex. The growing adoption of big data has propelled this expansion even further, forcing IT teams to manage massive amounts of information with limited or legacy resources. Given that each company's data center needs are vastly different, many IT teams have struggled to develop optimized solutions for data center sprawl with out-of-the-box hardware.

Greater implementation of software defined architecture, however, has provided a path to developing cohesive, intuitive infrastructure ecosystems. Willingness to take advantage of these software defined solutions and organizing architecture to meet unique data loads puts IT teams in the best position to succeed in managing the modern data center.

Software defined infrastructure facilitates new strategies
A recent article from CRN noted that industry-leader Intel is championing software defined infrastructure as a means of answering the public and private sector's escalating storage demands. The technology provides companies with a means of utilizing IT infrastructure to its absolute fullest potential - the ability to pool computing and storage resources allows IT teams to operate the data center with far greater effectiveness.

Diane Bryant, a senior vice-president at Intel, spoke about the company's projections for software defined infrastructure at the Intel Developers Forum. She emphasized that the company is so sold on the technology that Intel has invested a large amount of capital into developing software defined networks that operate more like the human brain. The company aims to market this solution to clients with customized implementation strategies that specifically address their customer's workloads.

A custom approach needed to achieve optimization
There are still barriers for implementation that limit IT teams from deploying software defined architecture. Data Center Knowledge pointed out that overcoming these challenges will require creativity and problem-solving on the part of IT professionals, but that the optimization results are well worth the effort.

One problem commonly encountered by IT staff, for instance, is the reality that many software defined storage are not interoperable with legacy and non-proprietary gear - situations like these will require IT teams to use workarounds like serial to Ethernet converters in order to fully integrate the new technology.

Perle's serial to Ethernet converters connect serial based equipment across an Ethernet network. The Perle IOLAN range of Console Servers, Device Servers and Terminal Servers feature built-in support for IPv6 along with a broad range of authentication methods and encryption technologies.


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