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TIA pushing for more telecom investments

By Max Burkhalter
November 16, 2012
The Telecommunications Industry Association is ardently encouraging President Obama to increase the government's investments in telecommunications infrastructure, because the technology plays a vital role in spurring economic growth.

Getting the government to invest in telecom systems
Grant Seiffert, president of TIA, explained that telecom investments are vital as President Obama works to revitalize the economy and sustain the growth that has taken place over the past few years. He explained that the ICT industry as a whole plays a major role in how businesses get the job done and enables organizations to thrive. Technology will likely become even more important in the near future. As a result, intelligent investments in telecommunications systems are vital to helping the economy grow moving forward.

"We strongly encourage President Obama to bring renewed focus to the issues facing tech and telecom businesses in the United States," said Seiffert. "In particular, our nation must have, and enforce, trade policies that erase barriers for U.S. goods and ensure that our companies have a level playing field throughout the world. More spectrum for broadband is vitally important for allowing consumers to reap the benefits of the wireless revolution and for American businesses to compete effectively."

Considering the economic impact of FTTx infrastructure
If you spend some time reading about FTTx investments being made around the country, you'll soon discover that many projects are aimed at improving economic prospects in a region. This begs the question, "How do telecoms turn FTTx into economic growth?"

The first step is to ensure the network is built in the most efficient way possible. This often involves using fiber to Ethernet media converters and similar tools that enable advanced network functionality while streamlining deployment.

With a network that is installed efficiently, telecoms can focus on trying to get customers to buy in to the advanced network. This can prove challenging, because economic limitations push many consumers and businesses to carefully control their spending and avoid creating expenses that are not entirely necessary. As a result, telecoms have to focus on marketing the solution effectively and reaching out to the right target markets. Many experts agree that one of the best ways to monetize optical network deployment is to focus on getting businesses to buy into the infrastructure. This not only enables better revenue opportunities for telecoms, it also optimizes the impact of FTTH on local and regional economic growth by fostering easier information distribution and accelerated business operations.

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