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Time Warner invests in California fiber optic cable

By Donna Donowitz
December 16, 2010
Time Warner Cable is no stranger to expensive fiber optic projects. However, the company seems to prefer to think of them as major investments. Time Warner recently announced its completion of a $120 million development project that upgraded the company’s fiber optic telecommunications infrastructure in southern California.

The project expanded Time Warner’s fiber optic network in the area and, according to the company, more than doubled the number of potential serviceable businesses within the coverage area. The expansion is expected to provide Business Class broadband services to 125,000 businesses in the region. The services will include phone, internet, Ethernet and cable television.

“Time Warner Cable Business Class is a telecommunications company that offers business customers choice, local customer service and value,” said Dave Montierth, Time Warner Cable’s business class regional vice president. “From Hollywood to Santa Monica and from Anaheim to downtown Los Angeles, we have really been able to vastly grow the reach of our business offerings. Our goal was to reach as many business customers as possible, while still being able to provide a one-on-one customer experience.”

The network now features 361,149 miles of fiber optic cable. The network can now quash power outages in 50 milliseconds and, according to the company, will provide 250 new jobs.

The upgrade also created 16 new coverage rings throughout southern California. The coverage rings are fiber optic telecommunications networks that start and end at the same point. The rings allow for more reliable service infrastructure for customers.

“For the first time, business customers in areas where Time Warner Cable Business Class operates have a viable choice when selecting a telecommunications services provider,” said Montierth. “This choice delivers considerable value by way of reliable services, a one-on-one customer service experience and an estimated 10 to 15 percent cost savings when compared to other providers.”

The project is not the first major fiber optic cable investment for Time Warner Cable. The company recently made an even bigger investment in Maine, with a $220 million project to bring fiber optic connectivity to the state's rural regions. The company has been investing in Maine since 2006.


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