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Towns expanding their investments in fiber optic cable networks

By Max Burkhalter
January 11, 2011
In Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, residents have been waiting more than a decade for a new fiber optic cable installation. According to a recent Post and Courier report, telecom provider Knology promised local citizens it would bring a new fiber optic network to the area. Ten years have passed since the promise was made, and the company has done little to deliver. However, an increased wave of competition in the region has pushed Knology to deliver on its words, and the company has announced plans to install a new network.

Todd Trevillian, marketing manager for Knology, told the news source the company is beginning construction to bring fiber optic-based broadband services to residential customers in Mount Pleasant. As a result, citizens can expect to see workers digging up yards and putting in new lines.

Trevillian told the Post and Courier the company's typical services use one strand of fiber per 500 households, delivering broadband services, blistering speeds and high bandwidth. With the new installation, the company will deliver one strand of fiber per 50 home cluster. As a result, there will be significantly fewer customers on each strand of fiber, increasing the speed and bandwidth capabilities of the network. This essentially doubles the quality of service from previous models.

According to the report, residents should expect to see new construction projects throughout the region. Workers are already beginning to mark lines in areas with public easements, and will break ground to install new lines shortly. Construction will begin at varied times in residential areas, with projects not lasting more than a month in individual neighborhoods.

In the City of Decorah, Iowa, fiber optic progress is at a less advanced stage. Telecom providers are still in the process of laying anchor cable, that provides the vital foundation for expansion into residential and commercial districts. According to a recent report from the Decorah Newspapers, the Winneshiek Medical Center has agreed to host an anchor fiber optic cable installation.

The Winneshiek Medical Center is the fifth organization to sign up for the service, which needed the support of all five institutions before beginning construction. Dan Werner, chief administrative officer of the healthcare facility, told the news source the organization has received multiple grants to make the installation possible. Werner expects construction to be completed in 2013.


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