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Verizon fiber optic networks to open in Massachusetts, California

By Donna Donowitz
December 17, 2010
With Time Warner expanding its fiber optic cable network in southern California, Verizon Communications was not going to be outdone. The telecommunications company recently began rolling out its FiOS fiber optic network in California’s Coachella Valley. It also announced its plans to bring a fiber optic network to Holbrook, Massachusetts.

FiOS can transfer data at speeds of up to 50 megabits per second, 10 times faster than some competitors. Higher connectivity speeds give customers faster download speeds and internet access.

The Coachella Valley network will provide fiber optic cable to 52,000 homes and 3,000 businesses in the region. The company said it does not have any more plans to expand in the valley beyond the recent roll out.

According to the Desert Sun, Verizon hopes to control 40 percent of the local internet market. The company already has 3.9 million FiOS internet customers around the U.S.

Competitors, however, are not backing down. “Time Warner Cable has led the way in technological innovation through the use of fiber-optics to expand our cable products and services,” said Time Warner spokeswoman Kathi Jacobs.

Verizon was not finished, however. On the same day they expanded to Coachella Valley, the company announced that it was bringing a fiber optic cable network to Holbrook, Massachusetts. The town’s board of selectmen awarded a 10-year license to Verizon, allowing them to construct a FiOS network.

In November, Holbrook’s cable advisory committee had voted unanimously to issue Verizon the license.

“This is a fair and strong agreement to provide another outstanding alternative,” said Alan Dunn, a member of the committee, to

Rick Colon, Verizon’s regional director, said the service might open within days of the announcement. In addition to receiving high speed broadband internet, customers will also gain access to digital, fiber optic television. “It’s all digital TV over a 100 percent fiber optic network,” said Colon.

According to Colon, the company spent about $1 million setting up its fiber optic infrastructure in Holbrook. The company will maintain an office near the town where customer can inquire about services.

The board of selectmen in Hopedale, Massachusetts also recently voted to grant a contract to Verizon. The company has now built or is planning to build 109 fiber optic networks in Massachusetts.


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