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What does an ethernet extender accomplish?

By Max Burkhalter
July 7, 2021

Ethernet extenders, also commonly known as LAN or network extenders, do exactly what the name would seem to imply: they extend the distance of Ethernet segment beyond inherent distance limitations.

The ISA Interchange notes that Ethernet has long been held to the 100-meter limit for common twisted pair cabling, since after that distance signal errors multiply rapidly, according to the International Society of Automation. Ethernet extenders can take your company far beyond that range, effortlessly forwarding your LAN traffic to higher network-layer protocols across much longer distances.

Ethernet is fast, cheap, and easy to use
The most common way to maximize the reach of your Ethernet is to use unconditioned copper wire and 4 wire twisted pair configurations. While this doesn't achieve the blistering speeds of fiber optic cable, it has the massive advantage of allowing existing network-grade copper wire to be leveraged. This delivers a still speedy transmission but at a much lower cost, giving you a solution that can readily extend your LAN and serve your business needs. You can also integrate this type of network with CCTV coaxial cable wiring or alarm circuits.

Ethernet is a fixed space solution, but can be combined with Wi-Fi for better coverage. If building-to-building private LAN connectivity is desired, and the buildings are less than 100 meters apart, you don't have an issue, but further apart than that, and you need Ethernet extenders to help you complete the task. Sometimes a simple bridge can be deployed, but in many cases the configuration of the buildings and traffic routes can make this impossible. Since Wi-Fi often requires special antennas and a "clear line of sight", traffic and weather patterns can cause problems. Full Ethernet coverage needs to be flexible to remain a viable alternative.

By installing specialized equipment, you can connect two LANs using a single twisted pair and achieve 100Mbps across 300 symmetrical meters, or 128 kbps for up to 5 miles or more. Since the connection wire is so inexpensive, Ethernet extensions becomes a major player and a strong competitor against fiber. According to the State of the Internet 2020, local area network (LAN) and repurposing of existing telecommunications copper networks is now the driving force behind Ethernet technology, with over 70 billion meters of cable deployed over the last 15 years alone, primarily for business and learning applications, per Versa Technology.

5 reasons to use Perle Ethernet extenders

1. Perle Ethernet extenders are outfitted with an onboard microcontroller that will immediately alert both ends to any break in connection, and identify the break point for swift remediation.

2. Our extenders also contain only high-end components from leading chip manufacturers, and come with a best-in-class lifetime warranty. We publish high MTBF rates on the Hardware Specs for each of our products.

3. Every component used in Perle industrial temperature Ethernet extenders is designed to handle operating temperatures between -40°C and 75°C, and stands up to rigorous testing at even more extreme temperatures. This prevents integrated PCB circuits from overheating.   

4. Our secure Ethernet extenders support AAA security services and secure management sessions for secure corporate data transmission. This helps to simplify device configuration, permissions administration, monitoring for failures or alerts, and troubleshooting when issues arise.

5. Our technical support team is second to none, consisting of a committed global professionals who can provide technical consultations by phone or email and deliver post-sales support as needed.

For more information on Ethernet extenders and how to incorporate them into your business, contact us today.


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