What is AIoT?

When artificial intelligence meets the Internet of Things, you end up with AIoT – the Artificial Intelligence of Things.

By Max Burkhalter
March 15, 2021
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As Visual Capitalist notes, when artificial intelligence, or AI, meets the Internet of Things, you end up with AIoT – the Artificial Intelligence of Things. So what is AIoT, and what is it used for? Read on to learn more.

The Internet of things is the ever-increasing volume of devices and sensors that are connected to the internet and able to relay data. The IoT is helping every industry, from transportation to retail to health care, in the quest to gather and leverage as much data as possible for operational optimization. 

Artificial intelligence is coming into its own as a powerful analytics tool that can take information and find patterns in vast datasets faster and more accurately than teams of data scientists can. When AI is applied to IoT device data, you end up with intelligent analytics. 

The Artificial Intelligence of Things is leading the way to a smarter future.

  • Smart homes can now send data to alert homeowners of a water leak when they aren't home, and shut off the tap to minimise damage.
  • Smart cities can relieve traffic issues by analyzing flow patterns and adjusting settings for traffic lights to accommodate higher-than-usual volume due to an accident or sporting event.
  • Smart industry can solve logistics issues with data from sensors in warehouses and on trucks that report data from everywhere on the supply chain, revealing bottlenecks or areas where efficiency isn't up to par.
  • Smart wearables can report data on a patient's health back to their doctor, helping them track chronic conditions and alerting them of health crises to prompt rapid response in case of a medical emergency.

AIoT innovation continues to accelerate
Different industries are able to leverage smart tech and analytics to provide better experiences and tailor offerings.

  • Insurance companies can assess risk by tracking data sent for vehicles that can uncover questionable driving habits.
  • Banks can follow consumers through the years to figure out when and where they bank and how to make transactions easier and more intuitive.
  • Retailers can know when to offer a time-sensitive coupon to take advantage of the fact that a consumer is in a mall nearby and in a spending mood.

By leveraging AIoT, companies can step into the future, according to Forbes. To learn more about how Perle can help support AIoT, contact us today.


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