Where is Cloud Infrastructure Headed in the Next Five Years?

A comparison of the major trends, challenges, and changes in cloud infrastructure in the next five years.

By Max Burkhalter
February 3, 2023
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The cloud has definitely had an impact on how we approach connectivity, address security, and manage enterprise networks. The impact of the cloud has been profound in terms of how we think about network design and management. It's given rise to a paradigm shift in the way that we think about our provided services. For example, there are no longer any single points of failure in the network. It's a highly dynamic, scalable, and dynamic environment that's in constant flux.

According to Gartner, Inc., worldwide expenditures on public cloud services from end-users is anticipated to increase by 20.7%, totaling $591.8 billion in 2023. This is higher than the prior forecast of 18.8% for 2022 and is up from $490.3 billion in 2022.

Cost savings are a major factor for cloud migration. And, as prices continue to remain affordable, new opportunities will be presented in terms of how we approach the design of cloud infrastructure. We can expect more cloud providers to appear in the coming years. And, new trends will emerge.

In the next five years, we can anticipate a number of new trends to appear in the area of cloud infrastructure. The first trend will be an increase in the adoption of private cloud services by organizations. This trend will be driven by organizations' desire to have more control over their data and the ability to customize their cloud environment to meet their specific needs.

Another continuing trend is that the cloud will be a key component in the development of new applications. In fact, more organizations will build their applications on the cloud and use it as a means of developing new services. In addition, the growth of cloud-based applications will increase the demand for cloud computing services. For example, the demand for cloud-based video streaming services will increase dramatically in the coming years.

As more organizations adopt cloud-based services, we will see a greater focus on security and privacy. As a result, more companies will adopt cloud-based solutions that meet these needs. This will help to ensure that data is protected and that companies can access it in the event of any circumstances, including those caused by cyber attacks, which continue to grow in number.

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