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Why your remote workforce should be using a VPN

By Max Burkhalter
July 25, 2021

Companies are working with remote employees now more than ever, and this comes with a lot of risk. How do you protect your remote workers from the prying eyes of cybercriminals? How do you ensure they can safely access sensitive company information? The solution is easy: invest in a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network). According to, 1 in 4 people already use a VPN for business reasons.

How VPNs work
If you want to maximize the productivity of your remote employees, a VPN can help. VPNs create a secure network through which your workers can communicate back and forth, surf the web and access the company's servers without compromising privacy. VPNs offer protection by encrypting the user's traffic and masking their IP address from any spying agents. Read on for five reasons why your remote workforce should be using a VPN.

Your remote employees will be protected when using public Wi-Fi
The beauty of a remote workforce is that they can work from anywhere – coffee shops, libraries and even other companies — but there is a catch. The free Wi-Fi your remote employees may be connecting to could pose a threat to your company's cybersecurity.

Open public networks make it easy for hackers to steal unencrypted data, set up fake Wi-Fi hotspots, and even impersonate major websites. With a VPN, your workforce can connect directly to the corporate network through an encrypted tunnel, minimizing the risk that comes with public Wi-Fi. ZDNet notes that companies using two-factor authentication and a VPN can block almost all cyberattacks.

Your remote employees will be protected from hackers
Hackers lurk everywhere on the internet. Normal security protections are not enough anymore, particularly for companies with a remote workforce. If even one of your employees is hacked, you risk losing sensitive company data such as financial records, customer information, passwords and login information. It's essential that you enable VPN use to create a secure connection for your workforce and protect them from cyberattacks.

Your remote employees can safely access your company network
Some company data may be too sensitive to share over an unsecured connection. A VPN allows your workforce access to internal IP addresses, local servers, shared folders, as well as remote access to machines. A secure network gives remote employees easier access to the resources they need to do their job without putting the company at risk.

Businesses with remote workers should be willing to invest in a VPN regardless of the number of employees they have. There are low-cost VPN solutions that can do well for a small, remote workforce.  Managed VPNs with monitored connections and data tracking properties are better suited to large enterprises.

Your remote employees can have better work-life balance
Workers thrive under different conditions. Some work in fast-paced environments, others need a quiet place to focus. Eliminating the need to travel to and from the office saves time, allows for flexible work schedules and gives workers more autonomy over their work setup. A VPN simply allows all the company processes to continue normally and securely regardless of your employees' locations.

Your remote employees can remain more productive and motivated
With a VPN, your employees can work from home, a coffee shop, a beach or a hotel – and you never have to interfere because of security concerns. When employees are happy and in control they are more productive. Strong VPN networks can also prevent internet service providers from limiting a user's bandwidth when they visit certain sites, greatly improving browsing speed for greater efficiency.

Perle can help you set up your main office, and you can help remote and hybrid workers reconcile their network access from anywhere with the security of a VPN.  Read our customer success stories today. 


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