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World IPv6 Day a major success

By Max Burkhalter
June 10, 2011
World IPv6 Day has come and gone and most participants are reporting the day was an important success.

According to a recent TechNewsWorld report, the day went smoothly and many participants experienced only a few issues. Donn Lee, senior engineer for Facebook, for example, reported that the company had more than a million IPv6 users and did not receive an unusual number of help requests.

Laura DiDio, principal analyst at ITIC, told TechNewsWorld that the day was a clear success, and the "doomsday" of crashes and failures associated with inadequate IPv6 migration has been avoided for at least six months.

DiDio told the news source the primary conversion to IPv6 will not happen until 2012, when more regions have run out of IPv4 addresses and the move is critical in nature. She explained many of the projected issues with IPv6 adoption will begin happening at that time because incompatibility between IPv4 and IPv6 will present major hurdles that need to be overcome.

"Whether you're a consumer or small business or large enterprise, about 10 percent will take care of [IPv6 migration] way in advance. Another 10 percent will be laggards and slackers who will wait until disaster strikes. The other 80 percent will put it off as long as they can - until it threatens their operations," DiDio told TechNewsWorld.

Having other issues that need to be prioritized could be a major barrier to IPv6 adoption, DiDio told the news source. She said many businesses may not be able to prioritize IPv6 because they are facing more urgent infrastructure changes that must be dealt with. However, she said all new network deployments will likely be IPv6-compliant, and the challenge will be upgrading older systems.

DiDio also presented security as another key challenge for IPv6 adoption. She told the news source IPv6 has the potential to support improved security practices, but the protocol is not "foolproof" and companies will need to take responsibility for security to make new systems work with the protocol.

While IPv6 migration does pose many challenges, success during World IPv6 Day shows that the transition is possible. Lorenzo Colitti, network engineer and IPv6 samurai for Google, recently published a company blog post saying the company experienced few issues on World IPv6 Day. According to Colitti, the company hosted 65 percent more IPv6 traffic than normal, and did so without experiencing significant performance issues or having to disable any IPv6 systems.


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