August 01, 2017

Burns Industries use Perle Ethernet Extenders to optimize the delivery of heating oil

Delivery trucks were being sent out to rural households whose tanks were still more than half full!

NASHVILLE, August 1st, 2017 — To optimise the schedule of delivery truck rolls for a local energy supplier of propane gas and heating oil, Burns Industries was asked to design a system that would give the energy supplier information about the customers remaining tank capacity. Unnecessary truck rolls were proving to be inefficient and expensive.

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Burns Industries designed a state-of-the-art system, where each cylinder and oil tank within a trial area was fitted with a wireless transmitter that sends daily updates about its capacity status over a cellular network. Upon receipt and collation of the data, an accurate and efficient delivery schedule could be devised.

Burns Industries Network Diagram

The 1500ft cell towers used in the infrastructure need to be fitted with equipment to transmit the tank status data received by the transmitter located at the top of the tower, over a custom cable, down to the router located at the bottom of the tower. Given that Ethernet data transmission is limited to 328 ft., Perle Ethernet Extenders were installed to cover the 1500ft distance.

The customer is not left waiting for a delivery after running out of heating fuel, and the energy provider is not sending out delivery trucks to customers unnecessarily, comments Joseph Griffiths, Engineer at Burns Industries. It is a win-win situation.

The full Burns Industries Case Study is available to read on the Perle Systems website.

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