June 14, 2016

Perle Expands Industrial Ethernet Portfolio with Managed Switches

5-port Industrial Ethernet Switches with “fully loaded” features now available

NASHVILLE, TN - June 14th, 2016 — Perle Systems, a global manufacturer of secure device networking hardware, today announced the launch of an extensive new range of Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches. The first phase of the launch encompasses 128 models of IDS-200 and IDS-300 five-port switches.

In April 2014, Perle expanded its product line and entered the industrial switch market with a promise to “offer every conceivable model”.  As of today, Perle offers over 340 different Industrial DIN Rail Switches for a variety of application environments.

The IDS-200 Industrial Switches come with a Comprehensive Management Feature Set including management VLAN, QoS, RMON, N:1 port mirroring and local alert log.

Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch

To meet the needs enterprise-grade level environments, where additional security and network integration functionality is required, the IDS-300 Managed Switches come with the PRO Feature Set which also includes:

  • AAA Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) security protocols: RADIUS and TACACS+
  • Secure management sessions via SSH, SNMPv3, Telnet and HTTPS
  • Management Access Lists (ACL) by IP address and IP Port number
  • Password Strength Checking
  • IEEE 802.1x  Authentication and Port Security for protection of user access ports
  • Performance and intelligence optimization of networks with Advanced Protocols:  LLDP, GVRP, Voice VLANs, MSTP, GMRP, IPv4 IGMP Snooping and IPv6 MLD Snooping

“It is our aim to deliver the most superior Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch in the market,” commentsJohn Feeney, Chief Operating Officer at Perle Systems

Perle Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches enable configuration, monitoring and management of industrial LAN’s providing advanced performance and real-time deterministic network operation. These Industrial-grade Switches are designed to stand up to extreme temperatures, surges, vibration, and shock found in industrial automation, government, military, oil and gas, mining and outdoor applications. They are rugged fanless switches that are hardened to provide superior reliability in -10 to 60°C, or harsh extended operating temperatures from -40 to 75°C.

Perle only uses high-end components from the leading chip manufacturers to ensure the highest level of durability and reliability. In addition, all units have a corrosion resistant aluminum case and dual redundant power input with reverse polarity and overload protection.

Since entering the Industrial Switch Market, Perle has sold to numerous high profile customers such as NBCUniveral, SolarCity, Deutsch Windtechnik and Rockefeller Center.


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