March 22, 2016

When the ‘Industrial’ Label Matters - Deutsche Windtechnik discovers the pitfalls of commercial grade equipment

Deutsche Windtechnik replace unreliable commercial grade Device Networking Equipment with Perle Industrial Products after continuous and costly system failures

NASHVILLE, TN—March 22nd, 2016 — While many forms of raw renewable energy are free and seemingly infinite, the equipment needed to collect, process and transport the energy is not. With many wind farms located in difficult to reach offshore and hill-top locations, where wind can be harvested without physical interruptions, it is imperative to invest in infrastructure products that are able to withstand industrial conditions such as extreme temperature fluctuations, shock and vibration.

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Deutsche Windtechnik, a wind farm operator near Bremen in Germany found this out the hard way. The fault notification system installed in one of their wind farms kept breaking down and was proving to be a costly truck roll exercise. When it transpired that the commercial grade networking equipment simply could not withstand the operating temperature ranges, Deutsche Windtechnik wasted no time in replacing the products.

Joe Perle, CEO at Perle Systems comments, “Most people assume that the ‘Industrial” label on a product also applies to all of the components used in the design of the equipment.  It should but, it doesn’t. This is what differentiates Perle from the competition. We don’t use any commercial grade parts in our Industrial products.  Every component, not just the chassis, has been designed and tested to handle the stated extended operating temperatures.”

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By replacing the commercial grade equipment with extended temperature equipment from Perle, the system was seamlessly upgraded. Deutsche Windtechnik now use Perle IOLAN SDS Device Servers, which are integrated into their Turbine Area Network TAN using IDS-108F Industrial Ethernet Switches. The full Case Study is available to read here on the Perle Systems website.

About Deutsche Windtechnik:
Deutsche Windtechnik is a specialist in the maintenance and repair of wind turbines on land and offshore. The day-to-day business includes the planning and implementation of maintenance, repair, upgrading and inspection procedures. All measures to keep the fascinating wind turbines up and running for the long term. What makes us stand out from other service companies? We offer everything from A to Z – and match that with a passion for all technical services related to wind power.



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