Perle Media Converters enable Automated Visual Monitoring

Perle Media Converters play crucial role in image-based process measurement solution

May 22, 2019

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NASHVILLE, TN—May 22, 2019 — The visual monitoring of a manufacturing process is a necessary function. It is usually conducted by operators sitting at control desks who initiate an action when something unexpected happens. However, if the root problem cannot be determined in real-time, production is temporarily shut down to prevent further damage. This is costly.

Pixact, a manufacturer of image-based process measurement technology, offers an alternative. They provide specialised cameras and processing monitoring software that records and analyzes industrial processes. The advantages over human visual quality control are plentiful. Production facilities can streamline their operations, speed up error detection, and play-back recorded footage when evaluating and optimising processes.

Perle Systems recently completed a case study to find out how Pixact equipment is used in Industrial Manufacturing plants, and how Perle Media Converters feature in these installations. When distance between the cameras on the production floor and the server room exceed the maximum Ethernet transmission distance of 100m, multimode fiber cabling is used. Because Pixact cameras transmit images over CAT6, Perle Media Converters with SFP Optical Transceivers are installed to act as the interface between the cameras and the multimode fiber.

Connecting CAT6 Cameras to Multimode Fiber

Regarding a stone-wool production facility, Kalle Marjanen, Chief Optical Engineer at Pixact, explained, “Every installation is different, but we had already done numerous similar installations across Europe. We have used Perle before to provide Ethernet to Fiber connectivity. For visual monitoring to be effective, the transfer of frames needs to happen in real-time. The Jumbo Packets feature in the Perle Media Converters allows this to happen and we know it is reliable.”

Read the full Case Study here.

About Pixact:

Pixact is a top technology developer and solution provider in camera-based process measurements. We support our customers from the innovation and laboratory phase to the introduction of new technologies in the production line. Our team comprises professionals in process technology, optical measurement, image analysis and software solutions.



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