Ethernet I/O Event Notification to a TCP/IP Application

Custom TCP/IP applications can be created to receive digital events from remote digital inputs such as alarms and contact closures. These applications can then record, notify and react to the digital event notification accordingly.

The Digital I/O extension feature’s event driven notification message is a simple 20 byte format enabling programmers to quickly develop an interface to remote IOLAN Ethernet I/O Device Servers.

event notification diagram

IOLAN Event Notification Message Format

message format example image

Message Type: (1 Byte)
0 = Digital input status
1 = Serial I/O status

Input Number: (1 Byte)
Digital input will be 1, 2, 3, or 4 to represent the channel number
Serial I/O will be 5 = DSR, 6 = DCD, or 7 = CTS

MAC Address of the IOLAN sending the input information. (6 Bytes)

Current Alarm State: (1 Byte)
0 = Not in alarm
1 = In Alarm

Current Status of Input:(1 Byte)
0 = Inactive for digital input.
1 = Active for digital input.

Reserved for future use. Reserved bytes will have the value 0x00. (10 Bytes)


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